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Whole Wide World competition – programme 1

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2014 18:00
Zakończenie: 5 December 2014 19:30
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

dir./reż. Matthieu Donck
cinematography/zdjęcia: Manu Dacosse
Belgium/Belgia 2013, 20′
contact/kontakt: production@helicotronc.com

Celine and Brigitte are tired of organizing Tupperware parties.

Ha¦èkan_EttEnklareLivEtt enklare liv

A Simpler Life
Prostsze życie
dir./reż. Gunhild Enger
cinematography/zdjęcia: Linda Wassberg
Sweden/Szwecja 2013, 15′
contact/kontakt: theo.tsappos@sfi.se

Ing-Marie and Carl are very busy, she with training, he with gardening. They surround themselves with gadgets designed to make their lives simpler, but in fact they just cause more problems.

Zawrót głowy
dir./reż. Arnaud Dufeys
cinematography/zdjęcia: Rémy Barbot
Belgium/Belgia 2014, 29′
contact/kontakt: arnaud.dufeys@gmail.com

Clara, 15, feels inexpressible strangeness that will lead her to committing an irreparable act.

Foto-OBC_LauraO Bom Comportamento
The Good Behavior
Dobre zachowanie
dir./reż. Eva Randolph
cinematography/zdjęcia: Pedro Urano
Brazil/Brazylia 2014, 19′
contact/kontakt: eva.randolph@gmail.com

Vacation time, summer camp, a place where mobile phones are kept safe and the kids have to do outdoor activities. For the first time, Laura tries to adapt to the group.

Z003_C004_0928HSStew & Punch
Potrawka i poncz
dir./reż. Simon Ellis
cinematography/zdjęcia: David Procter
United Kingdom/Wielka Brytania 2013, 16′
contact/kontakt: info@simonellisfilms.com

A housewarming party with beef stew and much punch spirals out of control when the host couple get involved in some light-hearted arm wrestling.