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Students – competition, part II

Rozpoczęcie: 4 December 2014 16:30
Zakończenie: 4 December 2014 18:30
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe ,14/11 Lipowa St. ,Białystok Forum Cinema ,5 Legionowa St. ,Białystok

Nóż-w-wozie-2Nóż w wozie
Knife In the Wife
reż./dir. Vita Drygas
zdjęcia/cinematography: Vita Drygas
Polska/Poland 2014, 11′
kontakt/contact: michal.hudzikowski@us.edu.pl

Life of a provincial Arizona circus. The highlight of the program is knife throwing – for more than 15 years the circus owner and his son have been throwing knives around their wives. The world of a small circus troupe seems grotesque but also sad. But circus magic still works even if the program is not flawless.

Las-cieni-1Las cieni
The Shadow Forest
reż./dir. Andrzej Cichocki
zdjęcia/cinematography: Andrzej Cichocki
Polska/Poland 2014, 14′
kontakt/contact: michal.hudzikowski@us.edu.pl

A poacher comes face to face with a wolf when he suddenly hears gunshots, and after a while sees some frightened people fleeing. One of the runners, a little boy, gets lost in the forest. Even the wolves sense impending danger.

ELASTYCZNY CZLOWIEKNieprawdopodobnie elastyczny człowiek
An incredibly elastic man
reż./dir. Karolina Specht
zdjęcia/cinematography: ???
Polska/Poland 2014, 5′
kontakt/contact: specht.karolina@gmail.com

A story of a man born without his own shape. Continuous deformation and being forced into the moulds of others, awakens in him the feeling of revolt. Is it possible to live independently, be detached from reality? Who and what determines what we are?

7eec0af43c89f5b287773ac16a0a3dceCotton Dreams
reż./dir. Sandeep Rampal Balhara
zdjęcia/cinematography: Jonathan Young, Sunil Balhara
Polska/Poland 2014, 14’24”
kontakt/contact: wczolnowska@filmschool.lodz.pl

Thanegaon village in the state of Maharashtra in Western India. A story of a poor widow, whose husband, having lost crops which were to ensure his family survival – committed suicide.

Shit Eaters
reż./dir. Agata Wojcierowska
zdjęcia/cinematography: Krzysztof Trojnar
Polska/Poland 2014, 17′
kontakt/contact: michal.hudzikowski@us.edu.pl

A teenage girl goes on holiday with her parents. She fantasizes about her past childhood and longs for her parents who are in fact just as lonely as she is. However, she is not trying to establish a closer relationship with them. She does not yet know that adulthood and the world without parents are waiting just around the corner…

to-byłoby-coś-pięknego_still1To byłoby coś pięknego
It would be beautiful
reż./dir. Anna Morawiec
zdjęcia/cinematography: Paweł Jóźwicki
Polska/Poland 2014, 18′
kontakt/contact: hello@aniamorawiec.com

Travel to Mars would not be a problem if man could return quickly from this distant planet. Four people are going to be sent there but only in one direction. The mission is planned in 2023 and there are more than 200,000 volunteers, including Aleksandra, a 57-year-old biology teacher from Sosnowiec.

Mother_Earth_still02Matka ziemia
Mother Earth
reż./dir. Piotr Złotorowicz
zdjęcia/cinematography: Nicolás Villegas Hernández
Polska/Poland 2014, 30′
kontakt/contact: piotr.zlotorowicz@gmail.com

Maciek is no longer a boy, but has not yet become a man. He wants to satisfy his father’s ambitions and – like everyone else in the family – become a butcher. However, he is too sensitive to make animals suffer. He directs his love towars an old, neglected orchard – the only memento of his late mother.