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ŻUBROFFKA Special: Films of the Jury set 1 + Q&A

Rozpoczęcie: 13 June 2021 14:30
Zakończenie: 13 June 2021 17:00
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Films of the Jury set 1 + Q&A

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Films of the Jury set I  + Q&A (95’)
Kino Forum, ul. Legionowa 5, admission free
13.06.2021, 14:30

Lessons of Love
dir. Małgorzata Goliszewska, Katarzyna Mateja, Poland 2019, 65’

For decades, Jola did what was expected of her. As a mother of six and the wife of an abusive husband, she would put on her make-up and colourful clothes to pretend everything was fine. One day something breaks inside her and she finds the strength to escape a toxic relationship and start living life to the fullest. She is letting loose with her girlfriends and finds herself thrust into a new romance at a Latino dancing class.

dir. Piotr Dylewski, Poland 2016, 20’

This film deals with Victors’s relationship with Eve. Relationship based on manipulation and attempts to interfere in a woman’s personality. Eve is unable to feel emotions. The questions is, will she understand true feelings, and will Victor be happy with her?

To Thy Heart
dir. Ewa Borysewicz, Poland 2013, 10’
He was so handsome, with his jet-black hair, standing by the swing. When he smiled, eyes would stand on end. It was schizophrenic – he was so messed up that she would do whatever he said. She wanted to listen to his sweet-talking, wanted him to talk until the moon was up. Then she stopped pinning her hopes on him. She couldn’t let him off so easily for his betrayal. Ewa Borysewicz’s animation is a secular litany and a story of affection ending in bitter disappointment, echoing through a tower block estate.