4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

Events Category: Films show


Start: 3 December 2015 18:00
End: 3 December 2015 20:00
Category: Films show

Caucasus – so close to us and yet so distant – a bit European, a bit Asian, but in fact always somewhere in between. The region with complicated history and problematic political situation nowadays; divided into many countries, dependent republics … Read more →

Venezuelan Film Breakfast

Start: 5 December 2015 11:00
End: 5 December 2015 13:00
Category: Films show
Location: Gran Via Center

If we get inside a Venezuelan kitchen, we can easily notice the resemblance of some dishes. In Venezuela, we have empanadas that may be associated with Polish dumplings, as well as arepas that Venezuelans eat as Poles eat buns, except … Read more →

Midnight shorts vol. II

Start: 4 December 2013 22:30
End: 5 December 2013 00:30
Location: Zmiana Klimatu

After last year’s success of MIDNIGHT SHORTS during ZUBROFFKA, film monsters and freaks are back! Referring to the legendary New York independent and underground film screenings, we have prepared a special, two-hour programme, consisting of contemporary pictures, evoking former cult … Read more →