9-13.06.2021 / Białystok

Brilliant visuals by David Štumpf

Brilliant visuals by David Štumpf

The 15th edition of ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival,
the largest film event in this part of Europe, during which creative
energy from all over the world meets, is approaching!

This year’s ZUBROFFKA scheduled for December 2 to 6, and its main theme is VIRUS
a factor that turned everything upside down and essentially influenced the entire social life.
The world we had known so far collapsed before our eyes, and we ourselves were forced to change our lifestyle.
And even if we appreciated the advantages of a slower and more careful life, after many months of limitations
we miss traditional, cordial interpersonal contacts… And there is no better occasion for that than our festival!

We encourage you – in new conditions and circumstances,
of course with all safety rules – to try to experience many wonderful film emotions together.


Our message is: Let’s be together, because only together are we stronger!
We invited Czechoslovakian animator David Štumpf to create a graphic design
that would best dismiss our dilemmas and questions that are bothering us at the moment,
and we are convinced that he did it in a brilliant way.

It is already a tradition that visual identification, this time based on the designs created by David,
was made for us by the graphic artist Izabela Sroka.

Remember that right next to us, literally outside the window, nature lives with its own rhythm,
even if we cannot see it in winter.
During ZUBROFFKA, we will try to present you a colorful and diverse world.

This is a movie vaccine against the virus, from us – for you!

ZUBROFFKA is a woman
ZUBROFFKA is a man
ZUBROFFKA is a child
ZUBROFFKA is an animal

See you in Podlasie – the land of bisons and movies!