7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Location: Fama Club

Address: 5 Legionowa St
City: Białystok

Concert: JAAA! (PL)

Start: 3 December 2015 22:00
End: 4 December 2015 00:05
Category: Concert
Location: Fama Club

JAAA! was founded in 2013 away from the  hustle and bustle of the big city. The musicians say: “From the beginning it was about making the best music that is authentic and kindles a fire. We always missed it here. … Read more →

Comic exhibition opening

Start: 4 December 2014 20:00
End: 4 December 2014 21:00
Category: Exibition
Location: Fama Club

  Mateusz Skutnik about his comic book: “In 2007 I said there wouldn’t be a continuation of Blacky because all I had to say in this formula had already been said. Five years later it turned out to be complete … Read more →

Kids competition – 5+

Start: 7 December 2014 10:00
End: 7 December 2014 12:00
Location: Fama Club

Films for children ages 5 and up Is it hard to buy bread, plus other challenges which are awaiting us. Bendik and the Monster Bendik i potwór Bendik and the Monster Bendik i potwór dir./reż. Frank Mosvold Norway/Norwegia 2014, 10’ … Read more →

Bass da najt – ZUBROFFKA afterparty

Start: 6 December 2014 22:30
End: 7 December 2014 04:00
Category: Concert
Location: Fama Club

ŻUBROFFKA w poszukiwaniu idealnej głębi bassu! Unikalna sobotnia noc w rytmach grime, drum’n’bass, dubstep, trap, garage, dancehall , hip hop i mrocznego techno. Wojownicy bassu zapraszamy!Na scenie: CHIMPO (UK) // FOX (UK) // ZAMILSKA // VSHOOD feat. MISS GOD & … Read more →