6-10.12.2023 / Białystok

Location: Forum Cinema

Address: 5 Legionowa St.
City: Białystok

Competition Eastward Window Set III

Start: 9 December 2016 15:00
End: 9 December 2016 16:30
Location: Forum Cinema

  Geevarghese Fall in Love director/reżyser: Ruslan Bekshenov cinematography/zdjęcia: Hajet Hadriche, Marwan Alhammadi Russia, United Arab Emirates/Rosja, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie 2016, 6′13” contact/kontakt: kate@festagent.com One day an immigrant worker notices a woman in paranja and shoots her surreptitiously on camera. … Read more →

Competition Eastward Window Set I

Start: 7 December 2016 17:00
End: 7 December 2016 18:30
Location: Forum Cinema

  Namo Back director/reżyser: Gabriele Urbonaite cinematography/zdjęcia: Pal Ulvik Rokseth music/muzyka: Snorre Bergerud Lithuania/Litwa 2016, 19′ contact/kontakt: gabriele@vilma.cc A 22-year-old aspiring actress comes back to her hometown Vilnius, Lithuania from Hollywood. She realizes how much both the city and its … Read more →

Competition Independent Set II

Start: 10 December 2016 17:00
End: 10 December 2016 18:30
Location: Forum Cinema

  16.03 director/reżyser: Natalia Siwicka cinematography/zdjęcia: Yann Seweryn Poland/Polska 2016, 16’03” contact/kontakt: biuromd4@gmail.com A young woman driving a car panics when a truck driver tries to ram her car. 黒黒 黒黒 (Czerń) Black director/reżyser: Tomasz Popakul cinematography/zdjęcia: Tomasz Popakul music/muzyka: … Read more →

Competition Independent Set I

Start: 9 December 2016 20:00
End: 9 December 2016 21:30
Location: Forum Cinema

  Bracia Brothers director/reżyser: Szymon Jan Sinoff cinematography/zdjęcia: Szymon Jan Sinoff Poland/Polska 2015, 11’09” contact/kontakt: sj.sinoff@gmail.com For nearly 40 years Zenek has been almost totally paralyzed. He is looked after by his elder brother, mentally retarded Irek. The brothers live … Read more →

Competition Students Set I

Start: 9 December 2016 17:45
End: 9 December 2016 19:00
Location: Forum Cinema

  Adaptacja Adaptation director/reżyser: Bartosz Kruhlik cinematography/zdjęcia: Michał Dymek music/muzyka: Andrzej Strzemzalski Poland/Polska 2016, 24’50” e-mail: kruhlik@wp.pl Adaptation: 1. Change in the structure or function of an organism, increasing the chances of survival. 2. An individual’s accommodation to new living … Read more →

Competition Amateurs

Start: 10 December 2016 14:30
End: 10 December 2016 16:00
Location: Forum Cinema

  Ciotka Auntie director/reżyser: Lucjan Włodarczyk cinematography/zdjęcia: Mieczysław Bryk, Izabela Cichecka music/muzyka: Sylwia Niemancewicz Poland/Polska 2016, 19′ contact/kontakt: lucjanjanwlodarczyk@gmail.com Young Hania looks after her ill auntie. At the same time, the plumber’s visits become more frequent than usual… Daleko od … Read more →

Independent competition – programme 1

Start: 27 November 2015 20:30
End: 27 November 2015 22:00
Location: Forum Cinema

Hipopotamy Hippos dir./reż. Piotr Dumała cinematography/zdjęcia: Mateusz Michalak music/muzyka: Alexander Balanescu Poland/Polska 2014, 12’29” contact/kontakt: festiwale@fumistudio.com Several naked women and children are bathing in the river. They are being secretly watched by a group of men. When they decide to … Read more →

Competition Amateur

Start: 5 December 2015 14:00
End: 5 December 2015 15:30
Location: Forum Cinema

Gdy przyjdzie mi ten świat porzucić When It Comes to Me to Leave This World dir./reż. Mateusz Buława cinematography/zdjęcia: Mateusz Buława Poland/Polska 2014, 12’29” contact/kontakt: mati.bulawa@gmail.com A documentary about difficult everyday reality of a funeral home workers who must reconcile … Read more →

Students competition – programme 2

Start: 5 December 2015 20:30
End: 5 December 2015 22:30
Location: Forum Cinema

Inka dir./reż. Monika Majorek cinematography/zdjęcia: Tomasz Ślesicki music/muzyka: Tomasz Ślesicki Poland/Polska 2015, 13’20” contact/kontakt: annab@szkolafilmowa.pl A story of a young woman who becomes an outcast to the community of her home town, when she comes into conflict with the local … Read more →