4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

Digit 1 means new beginning, digit 3 – optimism andenthusiasm – 13th ZUBROFFKA means even more!

Digit 1 means new beginning, digit 3 – optimism andenthusiasm – 13th ZUBROFFKA means even more!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year’s, 13th edition of the ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival will take place in Białystok and Podlachia from December 5th to December 9th, 2018. As you know, the number 13 is associated with bad luck (not only in Poland), and the fear of the “cursed” number manifests itself in many ways. Some festivals skip the 13th edition on purpose – the 14th edition immediately follows the 12th one. There are also buildings or hotels, where it would be impossible to find a room or floor 13…

We anxiously, but hopefully at the same time, are approaching the 13th edition of our festival. The current situation in the world: climate, migration and economic crises, make us look at the condition of the entire globe, but also at our festival. In addition, we are worried about the financial situation of ŻUBROFFKA, which – despite increasing momentum and scope – is far underfinanced in comparison with other similar events in Białystok, Podlachia or in this part of Europe. Nevertheless, we will do everything to make this edition of our festival not unlucky but exceptional!

In Podlachia, we believe in purifying and healing powers of nature, which is why we gave our bison, created by the Kijek / Adamski duo, and the entire festival into its hands. This concept was beautifully visualised by Ala Nunu Leszyńska. Izabela Sroka created ŻUBROFFKA’s new graphic design basing on Ala’s artworks!

This year’s poster depicts a frosty pinkish dawn, when nature is greedily getting what is its, as a result of what the monumental bison was absorbed and deconstructed by it!

In tradition, the number 13 symbolizes intuition, hard work, and organization, what characterizes our festival without a doubt. The number 13 consists of the energies and properties of the digits 1 and 3. The digit 1 means new beginning, rushing forward, motivation for development and progress, uniqueness and individuality. The digit 3 – optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, and growth. Therefore, in spite of some external deficiencies, we believe that our efforts and very good programme of the festival herald success and a new beginning. You are heartily welcome!

Maciej Rant
Program Director of the ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival

Festival oragniser is Bialystok Culture Center – DKF “GAG”