4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

17. ISFF ŻUBROFFKA educates!

17. ISFF ŻUBROFFKA educates!

ŻUBROFFKA Festival loves short cinema, which is why for years, in cooperation with the best filmmakers from Poland and the world, we have been teaching how to make such cinema and how to talk about it. This year, we are also inviting young cinephiles to work together creatively!

Younger participants are invited to take part in a workshop entitled “My grandparents had three dogs and four cats”, during which, together with Joanna Kożuch, we will look for (un)true stories that happened in Białystok (not necessarily) a long, long time ago….
As part of the “mikrodobro” workshop, slightly older film enthusiasts, following the idea of “small things matter”, will reflect on the subject of close relationships built on small gestures and will prove – contrary to global trends – that it is quality, not quantity that counts!

My grandparents had three dogs and four cats | animated documentary, workshop for children
tutor: Joanna Kożuch

“My grandparents met exactly at this spot, exactly 71 years ago…”.
“Grandpa, when he was going on his first date, tripped and broke his nose. My grandmother, at every family gathering, told the story of how, with a handkerchief stuck under his nose and a bruise on his elbow, he handed her a broken tulip…”
“My grandparents had three dogs and four cats. And they lived exactly in this house, in a room on the fourth floor. Or maybe they had 33 cats and 44 dogs…”
“And my grandfather always said that my grandmother was a magician!”
Join us for an animation workshop where we will look for (un)true stories that happened in Bialystok (not necessarily) a long, long time ago…. Together we will create a super fun, amazing, or maybe totally surreal animated story about how your grandparents met. It’s going to be fun!

Joanna Kożuch – director, visual artist and animator. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and at the University of Silesia in Katowice. She completed her doctoral studies at the Higher School of Performing Arts (VŠMU, Vysoká škola múzických umení) in Bratislava, where she currently teaches. Her filmography includes: ‘Game’ (2004), ‘Fongopolis’ (2014), ‘39 Weeks, 6 Days’ (2017), ‘Music Box’ (part of the ‘Happiness Machine’ project, 2019) and the award-winning animated documentary ‘Once There Was a Sea…’ (2021). She is currently working on another animated short film ‘Last Minute’ and an animated documentary ‘Once There was a Town…’.


MIKRODOBRO | animation workshop for young people
tutor: Julia Orlik-Buratyńska

Building relationships is not necessarily a set of grand confessions, huge sacrifices or generous acts of help. Deep relationships are most often built through almost imperceptible gestures, which are made towards a specific person at the right time and in the right circumstances. During the workshop, we will focus on such small gestures, which are indispensable in building relationships with others, especially in times when we too often think about quantity and forget about quality.
Participants in the workshop, together with Julia Orlik-Buratyńska, will reflect on situations from their own lives, which they remember particularly strongly, and which were connected with seemingly trivial gestures. Based on these memories, they will create a film story about the value of attentiveness in relationships and its great impact on the quality of our lives.

Julia Orlik-Buratyńska is a graduate of the Lodz Film School, specialising in Animated Film and Special Effects. Born in 1996 in Katowice, she lives in Krupski Młyn, where all her films to date have been made in the family garage. In addition to animation, she is also interested in bloody special effects, film make-up and film workshops with children and young people.
Filmography: ‘Banquet’ (2016), ‘My strange older brother’ (2018), ‘Quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum videtur’ (2019), ‘I am here’ (2020), ‘This will not be a festival film’ (2022).