2-6.12.2020 / Białystok

ŻUBROFFKA Festival educates!

ŻUBROFFKA Festival educates!

Workshops and the works created during them are the trademark of our festival! This year, we offer “Duszki” animation workshops to the youngest, during which – under the supervision of Sylwia Szkiłądź – they will animate celluloid and paper characters and create stories about… ghosts. Swiss animator Michaela Müller is going to teach the youth painted glass animation, and Grzegorz Brzozowski will host “Gość w Dom” documentary film workshops for the senior citizens. In addition, after the great success of the last year’s classes, we’ve thought about the second edition of radio journalism workshops, which will be host by Ryszard Jaźwiński himself!


Animation workshop for kids: Ghosts

Host: Sylwia Szkiłądź

Do you know any ghost stories from Podlasie? Maybe some of you have met a ghost in the forest or in an old house? If you have, please join our animated film workshops about the ghosts of Podlasie, conducted by Sylwia Szkiłądź, fascinated with paper animation. You will animate transparent puppets made from celluloid and paper. Boo, this will be scary!

Sylwia Szkiłądź was born in Sokółka, Podlasie. She grew up in the “green lungs of Poland” region, which to some extent became an inspiration for her later interests in art, particularly animation and illustration. When she was eight, she moved to Belgium with her parents. During her education in La Cambre in Brussels she made the following films: “Ślimaczek bez domku” (2012) together with Gwendoline Gamboa, as well as “Grain d’amour” (2013) and “Zupa truskawkowa” (2014). In 2015, together with Aline Quertain, she created the short film entitled “Maciupki lisek”, produced by the French studio Folimage. Her latest work was the video made for Sara Lovell, realized together with Jessica Poon, a Hong Kong-based artist. She organizes animation workshops for people of all ages. She currently lives and works in Belgium, France and Poland.

In cooperation with: Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury – Pracownia Animacji i Filmu
In cooperation with: Embassy of Switzerland in Poland


Paint on Glass Animation Workshop with Michaela Müller

Host: Michaela Müller

In a 5-day workshop, Michaela Müller will give an introduction into paint on glass animation. We will use gouache paint, mixed with glycerin, and paint under the camera on a lit glass surface. Every transformation of the image is photographed with the camera while we can control the animation directly on the computer screen. To control the animation we will use a stop motion software (for example Dragonframe or iStopMotion). The goal of the workshop is to give young professionals and students an introduction into paint on glass animation and help them use the technique for their personal interest. After 2 days of introductions and exercises, each student will make his own short film in the following 3 days. Students should be familiar with painting, and possibly have a basic knowledge in animation, and bring a lot of patience for this – rather slow – animation technique.

Michaela Müller was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland. She graduated with an MA in Animation and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia and holds a diploma as drawing and crafts teacher from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Müller’s multiple awarded animated films, Miramare (2009) and Airport (2017), screened at countless international film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, DOK Leipzig, Slamdance, etc. and have both won the Swiss Film Award for Animation.

In cooperation with: Supraśl Art High School


Radio broadcasting workshop

Host: Ryszard Jaźwiński

For the second time, together with Ryszard Jaźwiński, author of the “Trójkowo, filmowo” radio programme, we are kindly inviting you to radio journalism workshops, during which the participants will learn about film journalism. Last year’s workshops proved very popular among the participants, while the materials they created could then be heard on the radio stations Trójka and Polskie Radio Białystok!
The workshops are an opportunity to acquire practical skills in the area of making short radio forms and film radio programmes, to learn how to conduct a good interview, and to get to know the technical side of radio journalism and learn the basics of editing. The participants will also have the opportunity to observe journalists at work during the planned visit at Program 3 Polskiego Radia in Warsaw and Polskie Radio Białystok. Owing to the fact that the Festival is now visited by over a hundred guests from all over the world, the workshops will also be a chance to learn about the functioning of the Polish and international film market and an opportunity to meet extraordinary people. The workshops are addressed to curious minds, people with heads full of ideas, who like to talk with people and feel at home during public performances.

Ryszard Jaźwiński – spends much of his life in the cinema. A reporter, observer of film events, a regular and multiple festival judge, host of meetings with authors and co-creator of Konkurs Talenty Trójki, also for young filmmakers. He has been with Program III Polskiego Radia since the beginning of his professional career. His favourite place, right after Warsaw, is Barcelona, which is where his nickname Rico comes from – he loves anything as long as it’s in Spanish! Author of numerous interviews with cinema stars and authorities, a friend to many of them. For the last 20 years he has been producing his own “Trójkowo, filmowo” programme, winner of the Polish Film Institute Award in 2010 and multiple nominee for the daily cycle of short meetings with filmmakers entitled “Fajny film…”. Probably the record holder for the longest live presence on air – nine and a half hour (The Night of Oscars in Trójka followed by “Zapraszamy do Trójki”)!

In cooperation: Polish Radio Białystok



Documentary workshops for seniors/Houseguest

Host: Grzegorz Brzozowski i Magda Kowalczyk

Hospitality accompanies the most important moments of our lives: together we celebrate new relationships and renew old ones. Hospitality is one of the most important experiences that shape us as a community – including ties with people who at first glance seem total strangers to us. According to hospitality anthropologists, e.g. Tom Selvyn, food rituals are often in the centre of hospitality so there is no hospitality without eating. However, hospitality is not only an opportunity to sample regional dishes; it is mainly a meeting during which we can take our time to share our life stories, connected with the food appearing on the table. What stories, then, do we associate with Podlachian hospitality and its main characters – “kulebiak”, “sztrucel”, kvass, potato “babka” and other family dishes whose recipes are passed down from one generation to the next? How can we document these stories? How can we share them with guests – even if they represent other cultures? These are precisely the topics that we will handle during our documentary workshops.

Grzegorz Brzozowski – graduate of the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing; he learned the documentary under the supervision of Marcel Łoziński, Jacek Bławut and Vita Żelakeviciute. He also studied sociology, psychology and reportage at the University of Warsaw, the University of Utrecht and Yale University. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw, studying Polish festival communities. Editor and head of the “Patrząc” review section at the Kultura Liberalna portal.

Magda Kowalczyk – camera operator and documentarian, cinematographer of Grzegorz Brzozowski’s film entitled “Obcy na mojej kanapie”, among others.