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Amateurs competition

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2014 20:30
Zakończenie: 5 December 2014 22:30
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe


co-roku-plakatCo roku
Every Year
reż./dir. Krzysztof Jerzy Śmierzchała
zdjęcia/cinematography: Jarosław Majdziński
Polska/Poland 2014, 30′
kontakt/contact: czlowca@wp.pl

Jędrek visits his sister for the weekend and quickly becomes a nuisance to her. Conflicts keep on erupting. Can the siblings stand each other till the end of the weekend? Will they find common ground?


Czekając na tramwaj
Waiting for the Tram
reż./dir. Rafał Paluszkiewicz
zdjęcia/cinematography: Daniel Stanisławski
Polska/Poland 2014, 10′
kontakt/contact: chesnut90@o2.pl

A routine riddled dreamer accidentally meets a girl out of this world. A film about young people and their problems with finding their place in today’s world.


Daleko od nieba
Far away from Heaven
reż./dir. Marek Skrzecz
zdjęcia/cinematography: Damian Kocur
Polska/Poland 2013, 4′
kontakt/contact: mar.skrzecz@wp.pl

A legendary Warsaw Różycki Bazaar’s heyday is long behind it. Along with a young Varsovian and his camera, we enter every nook and cranny, observing people still hoping for a better life there.

DRYF_1 (5)

The Drift
reż./dir. Marcin Ożóg
zdjęcia/cinematography: Marcin Ożóg
Polska/Poland 2014, 4′
kontakt/contact: ozogozog@gmail.com

An oneiric time-lapse music video, made without any effects of computer animation, referring to  predigital aesthetics of 1960s and 1970s.




reż./dir. Bartek Tryzna i Monika Stpiczyńska
zdjęcia/cinematography: Bartek Tryzna
Polska/Poland 2014, 27′
kontakt/contact: bartek-tryzna@wp.pl

Wojtek for the last time my goes with his dad to work, Magda has a problem with the Shroud of Turin, and Ula can’t pack for a trip. A day in the life of three people with intellectual disabilities.


reż./dir. Grzegorz Paprzycki
zdjęcia/cinematography: Daniel Stanisławski
Polska/Poland 2014, 10′
kontakt/contact: g.paprzycki@wp.pl

Mariola and Henryk’s meal ends up with a bird coming to sit on the windowsill. The visitor evokes memories which might help to rescue their marriage again.