4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

Animation.pl Competition

Rozpoczęcie: 9 June 2021 18:15
Zakończenie: 9 June 2021 19:45
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Animation.pl Competition

Screening schedule:
JA I MOJA GRUBA DUPA/MY FAT ARSE AND I dir. Yelyzaveta Pysmak, Poland 2020, 9′
PLANTARIUM dir. Tomek Ducki, Poland 2020, 7′
JESTEM TUTAJ/I’M HERE dir. Julia Orlik, Poland 2020, 15′
BACKSTAGE.EPISODES dir. Marcin Wojciechowski, Poland 2020, 11′
DUSZYCZKA/THE LITTLE SOUL dir. Barbara Rupik, Poland 2019, 9′
WE HAVE ONE HEART dir. Katarzyna Warzecha, Poland 2020, 11′
AHEAD dir. Ala Nunu Leszyńska, United Kingdom 2019, 5′
WŁASNE ŚMIECI/YOUR OWN BULLSHIT dir. Daria Kopiec, Poland 2020, 6′
OSTATNIA WIECZERZA/LAST SUPPER dir. Piotr Dumała, Poland 2019, 13′
SŁUCHAJ/NOW LISTEN dir. Kijek/Adamski, Poland 2020, 4′


director: Ala Nunu Leszyńska
music: Krzysztof Guzewicz, Natalia Czekała
United Kingdom, Portugal 2019, 5′

A short story about living with and as a headless person.

director: Marcin Wojciechowski
director of photography: Marcin Wojciechowski
Poland 2020, 11′

This film is loosely inspired by a poet and a musician Ian Curtis. It is an exploration of the psyche of an individual affected by a stigma of a mental illness / depression, surrounded by aggressive stimuli from the outside world and unable to cope with the manifestations of everyday life. It is also a reflection on the creative process, its complexity and sometimes horrible complicatedness, which affects the artist’s daily activity and contact with reality.

director: Barbara Rupik
music: Maurycy Raczyński
Poland 2019, 9′

A dead body got stuck at the riverbank. Its interior, torn by decay, still hides a soul – a miniature of the body of the deceased. Rotting organs come apart and the tiny figure struggles out. Standing on the shore, it says goodbye to its body and sets off on a journey across the posthumous land.

director: Yelyzaveta Pysmak
director of photography: Yelyzaveta Pysmak
music: Szymon Kucharski, Michał Lejczak, Zhanna Pismak
Poland 2020, 9′

When the Girl tries to button up her pants, it turns out to be impossible. Shocked, she sees herself in the mirror as a huge, fat pig. She decides to follow a restrictive diet, but along with the fat, all the joy of life escapes from her. Even when she is very thin, she cannot stop the diet. Now she is like a zombie and dreams of the refrigerator at night. During the next refrigerator seduction, the Angel of the Toothinass Kingdom appears with a royal invitation to the ceremony…

director: Julia Orlik
director of photography: Julia Orlik
Poland 2020, 15′

An elderly man looks after his paralyzed wife. Despite his old age and his own health problems, he tries to alleviate her suffering, which is constantly increasing. His daughter helps him, trying to combine looking after her mother, her work at the hospital and her family life. Both of them have different views on what the care should be like. This leads to many arguments.

director: Piotr Dumała
music: Sebastian Ładyżyński
Poland 2019, 13′

A tragedy of a group of men sitting at a table and moving to the rhythm of contemporary music played by a string quarter – the Last Supper of Jesus and 12 Apostles.

director: Tomek Ducki
director of photography: Tomek Ducki
music: Jean-Marc Petsas
Poland 2020, 7′

The secret garden hidden underground is managed by a lonely gardener. It is a gloomy, sultry and disturbing, but also magical place. One day, instead of a plant, a boy with dangerous nails grows out of a flowerpot … A game between the gardener and the child begins. It sometimes seems to be innocent fun, and other times a brutal fight to the death.

director: Kijek/Adamski
music: Piotr Kaliński
Poland 2020, 4′

An attempt of intergender dialogue turns into a symbolic occurrence. A woman goes into space and gets back to Earth to bond with a man on a pedestal.

director: Katarzyna Warzecha
director of photography: Grzegorz Hartfiel
music: Adam Witkowski
Poland 2020, 11′

After his mother dies, Adam comes across some letters exchanged years ago between his Polish mother and his father, a Kurd living in Iraq. This is an opportunity for him to find out more about his father, who he never knew. The juxtaposition of animated drawings and archival material takes us back forty years into the past and enables us not only to feel the emotions linking the lovers living in different parts of the world, but also to uncover an extraordinary family secret.

director: Daria Kopiec
director of photography: Daria Kopiec, Piotr Matysiak
music: Natalia Czekała
Poland 2020, 6′

There’s nothing better than dinner with family. Though it reminds a looped script that repeats itself infinitely. And though, except of food, you have to swallow the words of your loved ones. Sometimes bitter. Sometimes so repetitive that you want to vomit. Recited singingly for many long years.