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Bulgarian Film Breakfast

Rozpoczęcie: 11 December 2022 12:00
Zakończenie: 11 December 2022 14:00
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Bulgarian Film Breakfast

We invite You for Bulgarian Film Breakfast!

12.11.2022, 12:00
Klub FAMA, ul. Legionowa 5
ticket: 12 zł – kasa kina Forum + https://bilety.bok.bialystok.pl/

Curator: Toma Waszarow

Crispy toasted bread, fresh butter, salty cheese, sweet honey, all drenched in hot milk! Here is a country breakfast, simple and easy to prepare. In some regions of Bulgaria, red wine is used instead of milk so that… children don’t cry. The Bulgarian name for this dish is popara. It can also mean mess.

Six Bulgarian short films are total popara. A bit of black and white soup (“Hunger”), red Easter eggs (“Eggshells”), snails (“Shell in love”), a dash of humour (“Mona Lisa”), a pinch of politics (“War”/”Peace”), a spoonful of sweet and salty love… A lot of different smells and tastes. When you swallow it all, the feeling in your mouth is that it will be good. There will be light, there will be smiles, there will be justice for all, which is what young Bulgarian filmmakers are fighting for. This is what Bulgarian popara is. He who does not taste it will never understand Bulgaria. Enjoy it!

War, Dimitar Dimitrov, 2022, 6’28”
Mona Lisa, Veselka Kuncheva, 2022, 9’39”
Shell in Love, Svilen Dimitrov, 2021, 16’05”
Eggshells, Slava Doycheva, 2020, 15’27”
Hunger, Petar Krumov, 2021, 29’48”
Peace, Dimitar Dimitrov, 2020, 6′