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Whole Wide World I : Youth

Rozpoczęcie: 4 December 2015 18:00
Zakończenie: 4 December 2015 19:45
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe


dir./reż. Sungbin Byun
cinematography/zdjęcia: Eunkyou Lee
music/muzyka: Ji-eun Shin, Joo-young Kim
South Korea/Korea Południowa 2014, 29’40’’
contact/kontakt: bsb9104@naver.com

A high school student keeps a bandage on his forehead. Assuming he is hiding a horn beneath it, his friends plan to take it off and reveal the horn.



A Ciambra
Young Lions of Gypsy

dir./reż. Jonas Carpignano
cinematography/zdjęcia: Jonas Carpignano
music/muzyka: Giuseppe Tripodi
France, Italy/Francja, Włochy 2014, 16’22”
contact/kontakt: mikhal.bak@gmail.com

A night in the life of Pio, a young Romani boy living in southern Italy.



Wild Dog

dir./reż. Mees Peijnenburg
cinematography/zdjęcia: Stephan Polman
Netherlands/Holandia 2015, 8′
contact/kontakt: info@someshorts.com

Gijs’ aggression is becoming more and more of a problem. If he doesn’t take action now, his explosive temper will cause irreversible damage.



Malaguti Phantom

dir./reż. Sam de Jong
cinematography/zdjęcia: Ton Peters
Netherlands/Holandia 2014, 8′
contact/kontakt: info@someshorts.com

A story of identity and loneliness. One has to conform himself in order to be accepted in the community.




dir./reż. Maimouna Deucoure
cinematography/zdjęcia: Maimouna Deucoure
France/Francja 2015, 21′
contact/kontakt: distribution.bienoubien@gmail.com

8-year-old Aida lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb. The daily life of the whole family gets overwhelming when the girl’s father comes back not alone. Aida is very sensitive to her mother’s distress. She decides then to get rid of the new visitor.



Yùl et le Serpent
Yùl and the Snake

dir./reż. Gabriel Harel
music/muzyka: Freddy Leclerc
Francja/Francja 2015, 13′
contact/kontakt: info@kazakproductions.fr

13-year-old Yul goes with his big brother Dino to close a deal with Mike, a thug escorted by his Argentinian mastiff. When things go wrong, a mysterious snake appears.



Von Faltbooten und Heringen
Sparrows and Snorkels

dir./reż. Elena Brotschi
cinematography/zdjęcia: Tom Keller
Switzerland /Szwajcaria 2014, 15′
contact/kontakt: elenabrotschi@hotmail.com

Ivan meets Paolo, little Jonas meets Ida, another Jonas meets Sandra, and Annina meets Jonas – in July, at a campsite by a river.