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Competition Amateurs

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2017 16:30
Zakończenie: 9 December 2017 18:15
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Competition Amateurs

Bed Side Story
director: Michał Łubiński
director of photography: Michał Łubiński
music: ????
Poland 2016, 6’

A story about an unexpected night visit and a teenager who has to deal with something which earlier seemed to be just a fairy tale.


director: Tomasz Kurlej
director of photography: Julia Markiewicz
music: ????
Poland 2017, 8’51”

The main character is visiting an abandoned building. Suddenly he is attacked, falls over and collapses on his bed. It was just a dream. Later, when he leaves the house and carelessly crosses the street, he doesn’t notice a car …


Interval of Light
director: Kamil Brandeburg
director of photography: Kamil Brandeburg
music: ????
Poland 2017, 8’

Apparent silence. Apparent calm. False image of love. Illusion. Apparent sounds. Apparent light. Interval of light.


Jerzy Nasierowski
director: Tomasz Herman
director of photography: Tomasz Herman
music: ????
Poland2017, 9’56”

Nasierowski indiscreetly about nudity, love and Nasierowski.


director: Stanisław Herjan
director of photography: Stanisław Herjan
music: ????
Poland 2017, 7’51”

Bored Bruno decides to follow his neighbour. He quickly notes repetitiveness and monotony of her everyday life. Convinced of the pointlessness of her existence, he decides to kill her.


The Magician
director: Aleksander Salamon
director of photography: Jędrzej Wymysłowski
music: ????
Poland 2017, 13’59”

Portrait of a lonely man who tries to reconcile his gambling addiction with faith in magic. Combining these two extreme interests, turns out to be a bit daunting.


Call Me Rico
director: Szymon Piegza
director of photography: Jakub Stoszek
music: ????
Poland 2016, 6’37”

Ryszard “Rico” Kacysz is the oldest active footballer in Poland. When his wife died, the pitch became a springboard for his everyday problems. In his youth Rico dreamed of playing for the national team, now he dreams of being able to play as long as possible.


Mrs Rena of the Angels
director: Aleksandra Folczak
director of photography: Aleksandra Folczak
music: ????
Poland 2017, 10’29”

Rena is struggling with severe illness. The passion for teaching English and love for her pet are keeping her alive. She is aware of impending death but passes her warmth, courage and optimism onto others.


Trisomia 21
director: Kamila Agejczyk
director of photography: Michał Kosiak
music: ????
Poland2017, 20’50”

A family story about everyday life with a child with Down syndrome.


director: Jędrzej Kozera
director of photography: Jędrzej Kozera
music: ????
Poland 2017, 6’55”

A story about an ordinary – extraordinary activity repeated every Sunday.