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Competition Kids 7 and up Set I

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2017 12:30
Zakończenie: 9 December 2017 13:15
Kategoria: Kids Competition

Competition Kids 7 and up Set I

A Medias / 
Half Socks
directors: Luciana García Fusilieri & Mariana Klyver
Argentina 2017, 17’

8-year-old Mathew has to find out why his socks disappear. Suspecting his elderly neighbour Olga is involved in this mystery, he decides to sneak into her house.


La Licorne / The Unicorn

director: Remi Durin
France, Belgium 2016, 13’

One day, a little king was walking in the forest of his little kingdom and spied an extraordinary creature, white as snow and fast as the wind.


Okraina / Periphery

director: Sasha Vasiliev
Russia 2017, 4’15”

A fairy story about a boy from a house near the precipice, who daily provides stability and safety to the whole world.


Otkuda berutsya snejinky? / Where Snowflakes Come From?

director: Tatyana Okruzhnova
Russia 2016, 3’

Where snowflakes come from? Every child has his own answer. This Christmas short story brings unexpected, beautiful and magical versions!


Our Wonderful Nature / The Common Chameleon

director: Tomer Eshed
Germany 2016, 3’32”

The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before.


Tales of Tappi the Viking – The Mess with the Winter Stores

director: Andrzej Piotr Morawski
Poland 2016, 10’32”

Tappi is a defender of the Whispering Forest and all its inhabitants. He will not let harm anyone and is ready to help anybody who is in trouble.