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Competition KIDS 6 + set 2

Rozpoczęcie: 13 June 2021 10:30
Zakończenie: 13 June 2021 11:25
Kategoria: Kids Competition
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Competition KIDS 6 + set 2

The competition for the best short film for children, directed to artists (students, amateurs, independent) from Poland and all over the world

director: Natalia Grofpel
music: Sergey Geokchaev
Russia2020, 6′
Children’s pocket can be a place incredible events.

director: Marina Moshkova
music: Alexey Yakovel
Russia 2020, 5’36”
In the far far North lives a very very grumpy Polar Bear. One day he receives an unexpected visitor…

director: Anastasiia Zhakulina
music: Sofia Petkevich
Russia 2020, 8’15”
This is a story about a Princess, whose life is not so easy because of her giant height. The King arranges a ball in an attempt to marry off his daughter. But all the suitors run away in horror. Despair and a chance lead the Cornstalk to where she finds her happiness.

director: Martinus Klemet
Estonia 2019, 2’26”
Inspiration for the film came to me from the plant Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia). One of its many breeds can be pollinated solely by a very long billed hummingbird. Only this bird is able to reach the core of the blossom and drink the flower’s nectar. This amazing synergy brings a question of the next step in the evolution of hummingbirds.

director: Yoko Kuno
Japan 2019, 0’47”
The Japanese brand Kirin invited several independent animators, including Yoko Kuno, to shoot short animations inspired by a dragon, a creature characteristic for Asian culture.

director: David Burgis
music: Tyler Paterson
USA 2019, 3’15”
A young girl gets so scared by the horror movie her older brother watches that she can’t sleep at night. Worse, the creatures from the film torment her, and she has to find a way to get through the night in this dialogue-free stop-motion film.

director: Shadi Adib
music: Heiko Maile, Torsten Kamps
Germany 2019, 2’38”
A seagull and three individual fishermen try to cope and survive on stormy seas. But due to the resulting chaos, the fishermen come up with the idea to work together to be more successful. The fishermen make a net out of their fishing lines and throw it out to catch a big fish. The film describes the moment when the idea of a common Europe emerges. A Europe that is in its infancy.

director: Eric Wang
music: Esin Aydingoz
USA 2020, 1’57”
Two Oni burst in to sack a tidy Japanese room. However, Red Oni is more interested in creating origami, against Blue Oni’s wishes. Soon, Red will discover the challenge that is making origami.

director: Laurie Heinen
music: Mathieu Labaye
Belgium 2019, 5’47”
Oscar is feeling very lonely because his mother is in hospital and nobody wants to explain him why. Fortunately he can count on Victoria, his stuffed owl…

director: Ekaterina Filippova
music: Anatoly Machulenko
Russia 2020, 6’40”
The story of a boat that wanted to fly.

director: Markéta Kubátová Smolíková
music: Martin Hasák
Czechia 2019, 8’53”
The camera flies over a desolate cosmic landscape and descends towards a procession of strange, possibly extraterrestrial creatures. The foreman of the group picks a suitable spot and the whole colony starts excavating a pit. What they excavate they eat and divide among their members. They encounter various natural disasters that ruin their efforts – but the colonists always rise from the ruins and continue their work

director: Polla-Ilariya Kozino
music: Jonathan Galland
USA 2019, 4’25”
A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world. As she explores this enchanting place, the long ribbon of her dress gets caught, holding her back. As she pulls on the ribbon to break free, a completely unexpected journey begins.