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Competition Kids 9 and up

Rozpoczęcie: 10 December 2017 12:30
Zakończenie: 10 December 2017 13:45
Kategoria: Kids Competition

Competition Kids 9 and up

Kozly / The Goats

director: Yekaterina Filippova
Russia 2016, 1’47”

The group of travelling goats is trying to get a free snack.


König Opa / King Grandpa

director: Martin Grau
Germany 2017, 13’

Clemens lives and breathes his grandfather’s stories. When grandpa passes away, it is the grandson’s turn to continue telling his stories in order to keep them and the memory of his grandfather alive.


Lili dans les nuages / Lili within the Clouds

director: Toma Leroux
France2017, 15’

During her holiday with her grandfather, Lili decides to build a plane.


Ochen’ vejlivaya istoruya / Very polite story

director: Mariya Bystrova
Russia 2016, 3’

Two British gentlemen try to be polite in any life circumstances.


Pez / Fish

director: Javier Quintas
Spain 2017, 9’30”

Dani and Martina live with their mother in a modest neighbourhood. Dani never sees her mother have dinner, but he already knows how to make her mother have dinner every night…


Project Doveriye. Uchitel / Project Trust. Teacher

directors: Mikhail Aldashin, Alexander Irinarkhov
Russia 2017, 3’26”

Animadoc project TRUST. A true story about how the kindness of the provincial teacher and his students won the confidence of Muscovites.


She’s got the blush

director: Els Decaluwe
Belgium 2016, 5’

Lotte, an extremely shy twelve year old goes through life with a severe blushing problem.  One day she meets a boy and a little robin who change her life.


Sozdaniye / Creation

director: Yulia Baygulova
Russia 2017, 6’03”

God created all the necessary things, pleasing to the eye and ears and decided to have a rest. And everything would be fine if there was not an accident…



director: Alla Vartanyan
Russia 2016, 2’
People are freezing at the bus stop. It’s not a big deal, everything’s tip-top.


Tokri / The Basket

director: Suresh Eriyat
India 2016, 13’46”

Two insignificant lives, lost and found in time.