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Competition MUSIC VIDEO / concert of Meisterjaan + vj Aleksander Sprohgis (EST)

Rozpoczęcie: 6 December 2018 22:00
Zakończenie: 6 December 2018 23:55
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Competition MUSIC VIDEO / concert of Meisterjaan + vj Aleksander Sprohgis (EST)

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a Competition Music Video screening and a concert of an Estonian duo of Meisterjaan and vj Aleksander Sprohgis within the ŻUBROFFKA Festival

December 6th, 2018, 10 PM
Fama club, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 8 PLN – available at the Forum Cinema’s box office and on bilety.bok.bialystok.pl

The best music video is chosen by the audience!

Screening schedule:
The Blaze: Queens, dir./reż. Jonathan i Guillaume Alric, France/Francja 2018, 4′
Ka-tet feat. Oxxxymiron: Engine of Progress, dir./reż. Sasha Svirsky, Russia/Rosja 2017, 3’25”
Oren Lavie: Second hand Lovers, dir./reż. Oren Lavie, Israel/Izrael 2017, 4′,
FINKEL: w/o, dir./reż. Sanni Lahtinen, Finland/Finlandia 2018, 4’09”
Tommy Cash: Little Molly, dir./reż. Tommy Cash & Anna-Lisa Himma, Estonia 2017, 2’49”
Paula Cavalciuk: Morte e Vida Uterina, dir./reż. Daniel Bruson, Brasil/Brazylia 2017, 3’44”
Radiohead: Man of War, dir./reż. Colin Read, UK/Wielka Brytania 2017, 4’30”
DJ Snake: Magenta Riddin, dir./reż. Nataln Schottenfels & Francesco Colombo, France/Francja 2018, 4′
Tunng: ABOP, dir./reż. Katarzyna Kijek & Przemysław Adamski, Poland, UK/Polska, Wielka Brytania 2018, 3’31”
Col3trane: Britney, dir./reż. Oscar Hudson, UK/Wielka Brytania 2018, 5’22”
Parker Bossley: Chemicals, dir./reż. Joseph Wallace, UK/Wielka Brytania 2018, 4’12”
PRO8L3M: Flary, dir./reż. Piotrek Matejkowski, Poland/Polska 2018, 3’41”
Renata Zeiguer: Wayside, dir./reż. Angela Stempel, USA/Stany Zjednoczone 2018, 3’03”
Young Fathers: Holy Ghost, dir./reż. Oscar Hudson, UK/Wielka Brytania 2018, 3’27”

Competition MUSIC VIDEO

Col3trane: Britney
director: Oscar Hudson
director of photography: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
music: Col3trane
UK 2018, 5’22”

A Hunter S. Thompson-like acid trip – being stuck in a loop that you can’t get out of.

DJ Snake: Magenta Riddin
director: Nataln Schottenfels & Francesco Colombo
director of photography: Arnau Valls Colomer
music: DJ Snake
France 2018, 4’

The Tollywood-inspired video is a colourful, dance-fuelled tribute to India. A comedic epic that follows a squad of the world’s happiest firefighters in Telangana who can’t seem to stop dancing.

director: Sanni Lahtinen
director of photography: Sanni Lahtinen
music: FINKEL
Finland 2018, 4’09”

A subway train through the confused mind of someone who just can’t let go.

Ka-tet feat. Oxxxymiron: Engine of Progress
director: Sasha Svirsky
director of photography: Dmitri Bluglass
music: Ka-tet feat. Oxxxymiron
Russia 2017, 3’25”

A song about perfectionism in art and life. Some are controlling the roll of the Engine of Progress, others are just its passengers.

Oren Lavie: Second hand Lovers
director: Oren Lavie
director of photography: Roman Linetsky
music: Oren Lavie
Israel 2017, 4’

A young man lives in his bachelor’s apartment which he shares with the memory of all his past relationships.

Parker Bossley: Chemicals
director: Joseph Wallace
director of photography: Joseph Wallace
music: Parker Bossley
UK 2018, 4’12”

Parker Bossley takes a psychedelic trip, metamorphosing into exotic animals and traveling through colourful landscapes in this cut-out animated music video.

Paula Cavalciuk: Morte e Vida Uterina
director: Daniel Bruson
director of photography: Daniel Bruson
music: Paula Cavalciuk
Brazil 2017, 3’44”

A girl walks her path to womanhood. She is broken over and over again, but insists on getting up. She must reconcile with the forces coming from within and from without her changing body – to give rise to her singing.

PRO8L3M: Flary
director: Piotrek Matejkowski
director of photography: Kajetan Plis
music: PRO8L3M
Poland 2018, 3’41”

A narrative story about a guy who desperately wants to kill himself. The song is about losing yourself in the circle of life between love and rejection.

Radiohead: Man of War
director: Colin Read
director of photography: Todd Martin
music: Radiohead
UK 2017, 4’30”

We’re introduced to our lead character whose daytime movements begin decidedly more relaxed than his night time parallel. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction and the paranoid, fidgety sense of impending trouble blurs the lines between the day and night actions before they seemingly become one and the same. A simple and sinister story structured superbly in the edit.

Renata Zeiguer: Wayside
director: Angela Stempel
director of photography: Angela Stempel
music: Renata Zeiguer
USA 2018, 3’03”

Entering a yoga class can become more than you bargained for.

The Blaze: Queens
director: Jonathan i Guillaume Alric
director of photography: Nicolas Loir
music: The Blaze
France 2018, 4’

A solemn music video is a meditation on the human condition looking at how we define ourselves by our relations to others and the immeasurable loss we feel when that is taken away.

Tommy Cash: Little Molly
director: Tommy Cash & Anna-Lisa Himma
director of photography: CJ Kask
music: Tommy Cash
Estonia 2017, 2’49”

The artist is everyone including a figure skater little girl, a creepy denim-clad family, a piano player… and puppy dog hair!

Tunng: ABOP
director: Katarzyna Kijek & Przemysław Adamski
director of photography: Katarzyna Kijek & Przemysław Adamski
music: Tunng
Poland/UK 2018, 3’31”

ABOP stands for “A Bloom of Phosphorescence” and promises an oniric journey with a stowaway passenger. Official music video reflecting an ambiguous force that is either deadly or empowering.

Young Fathers: Holy Ghost
director: Oscar Hudson
director of photography: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
music: Young Fathers
UK 2018, 3’27”

The film uses thermal image technology to combine a video with a breathtaking look, together with a slow release of dark humour. It’s also a performance video, involving lipsync and choreography, executed over a vast expanse of land – all captured with one camera.



The eccentric Estonian became known for his unusual approach to the traditional, ages-old instrument known as the Jew’s harp. In his performances, he uses the ancient tool, his own vocal cords and a looper coupled with other electronic devices. His music is a symbiosis of old and modern musical thoughts – all with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Rhythmic electronics, often close to house or techno, forms the background of his works, while his affinity to nature and Estonian folklore enables him to create an atmosphere that puts the audience into a trance.



Aleksander Sprohgis

Estonian visual artist, working in the fields of new media, live visuals, concerts, festivals and other events. He creates visual atmospheres for live bands, musicians, DJs and other live performers, choosing and mixing visual content live according to the specific music and scene. To alter the visual environment, he has been using slide projectors with on-glass painted slides, unconventional projection and screening techniques, lights and custom LED strip modules.

He has been participating in numerous events since 2012. Among them there are: Independence Day Ball 2014, Kukemuru Ambient Festival, Tolm Festival, Patareiv, I Land Sound, etc. He has lately been preparing the visual setups in the trad.-electro band called OOPUS.