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Competition Music video

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2017 22:00
Zakończenie: 7 December 2017 23:00
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Competition Music video

Tulipomania: Who Let You Know?
director: Cheryl Gelove, Tom Murray
director of photography: Tulipomania
music: Tulipomania
United States 2016, 3’

Murky cast heads emerge, float, sing, and dissolve in this illusive stop-motion animation, directed and animated by the band members.


Los Viejos: Amnesia en el Estado
director: Esteban Azuela
director of photography: Esteban Azuela
music: Los Viejos
Mexico 2016, 2’47”

Full of hidden and distorted messages film,which you can read frame by frame like a book, honours the music of a Mexican thrash punk band Los Viejos. Infested with violent images, it is like a snake biting its own tail while writhing in pain, begging for mercy.


Mark Lotterman: Happy

director: Alice Saey
director of photography: Alice Saey
music: Mark Lotterman
France, Netherlands 2017, 6’35”

Egyptian geese try to cast a spell on us with their seductive dance in a pond. Soon the water begins to rise. Never mind. The geese will keep on dancing until they drown.


Pablopavo: Ostatni dzień sierpnia
directors: Marcin Podolec i Kacper Zamarło
directors of photography: Marcin Podolec i Kacper Zamarło
music: Pablopavo
Poland 2017, 5’54”

The hero summons a distant memory – summer afternoon of 1993. From small details, hebuilds a story of painful separation.


Bonobo: No Reason (ft. Nick Murphy)
director: Oscar Hudson
director of photography: Oscar Hudson
music: Bonobo
United Kingdom 2017, 4’03”

In-camera spectacle where we observe a man imprisoned in a world of never ending, shrinking rooms. The technically impressive, filled with Easter eggs, ”Alice in Wonderland” like video.


Radiohead: I Promise
director: Michał Marczak
director of photography: Michał Marczak
music: Radiohead
United Kingdom 2017, 4’02”

Exploration of uncanny futurist themes through a discarded animatronic head, left on the seat of a bus and gazing out of the window. As the lone android makes eye contact with apasser-by, we are forced to look at context-free human actions in a bizarre and disconnected way.


Husky: Ghost
director: Jonathan Chong
director of photography: Jonathan Chong
music: Husky
Australia 2017, 3’25”

A journey through a dreamlike and surreal realm, inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead festival. Colourful and bold icons and imagery give this cross-stich like animation the necessary vibrancy along with some dark undertones. It’s ajoyouscelebration of the departed.


The Blaze: Territory

director: The Blaze
director of photography:
music: The Blaze: Territory
France 2017, 5’37”

We’ve waited for this day / We shed some tears of love now
Like a desert in the rain / When some of the dead are waking up,
There’s nobody like my mom / There’s no place like my home since I was born
When I was young / The flavour is so strong / I’ve missed it so long


Son Lux: Cage of Bones

director: Benoit Soler
director of photography: François Starr
music: Son Lux
Belgium 2016, 4’16”

Taking a stand against the present by depicting our social behaviours through iconic «tableaux» diving the viewer into an introspective and sarcastic journey.