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Competition Students Set I

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2018 17:30
Zakończenie: 7 December 2018 19:15
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Competition Students Set I

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a competition screening within the ŻUBROFFKA Festival

Students Set I

December 7th, 2018, 5:30 PM
Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Screening schedule:
Wszystkie zwierzęta na poboczu autostrady/All of the Animals at the Side of the Highway, reż./dir. Maciej Jankowski, Polska/Poland 2017, 24’
Jak zostać papieżem/How To Become A Pope, reż./dir. Justyna Mytnik, Polska/Poland 2017, 16’
Inny/The Other, reż./dir. Marta Magnuska, Polska/Poland 2018, 5’
Tama/Dam, reż./dir. Natalia Koniarz, Polska/Poland 2018, 22’
Deportacja/Deportation, reż./dir. Arjun Talwar, Sandro Wysocki, Polska/Poland 2018, 21’

director: Arjun Talwar, Sandro Wysocki
director of photography: Sandro Wysocki
Poland 2018, 21’

In a cold, snow-covered Polish city, a young African is looking for the ever-elusive satisfaction. A soup in an Arabic restaurant does not taste like it does at home, sadness permeates his flat, the future looks bleak. Witnessing the deportation of a friend, Halim decides to commit an offence – to be deported to his home country too.

Inny/The Other
director: Marta Magnuska
director of photography: Marta Magnuska
music: Anna Nowak
Poland 2018, 5’

While waiting for the arrival of a mysterious newcomer, people keep on guessing who he or she might be. The blurry vision of the stranger takes shape as his presence feels almost tangible. The initial excitement of the crowd turns into anxiety.

Jak zostać papieżem/How To Become A Pope
director: Justyna Mytnik
director of photography: Miłosz Kasiura
Poland 2017, 16’

A tender comedy telling the story of a ten-year-old who wants to become the pope. When he learns about a casting for the role of a young John Paul II in a musical, he approaches the task like a spiritual mission. His parents, however, do not take him seriously. What will this experience teach the boy?

director: Natalia Koniarz
director of photography: Stanisław Cuske
Poland 2018, 22’

A son takes his father on a trip, a father with whom he broke off all contact years ago. They travel to a mountain retreat, where they once built a lodge. Surrounded by raw nature, they face their own weaknesses. The father undertakes another attempt to patch up relations with his son. When he is building a dam on the creek, he counts on the son’s help. Common effort becomes an excuse to have a conversation.

Wszystkie zwierzęta na poboczu autostrady/All of the Animals at the Side of the Highway
director: Maciej Jankowski
director of photography: Aleksander Cymbaliuk
music: Mateusz Woś
Poland 2017, 24’

Most of what happens to us is subconsciously provoked by none other than us. Natalia and Paweł are expecting a child. The boy takes Natalia for a few days to a nature reserve. On the spot, the girl observes Paweł and his fascination with nature. In the end, she herself is confronted with nature and experiences the terrifying forces she had no idea existed.