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Competition Students set II

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2017 15:00
Zakończenie: 9 December 2017 16:30
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Competition Students set II

director: Renata Gąsiorowska
director of photography: Renata Gąsiorowska
music: Vlodymyr Antoniv
Poland 2016, 8’22”

A young girl is having a night in. She decides to organize a session of pleasure in solitude but not everything goes according to plan.


director: Emi Buchwald
director of photography: Tomasz Gajewski
Poland 2017, 24’12”

A family of five meets at a police station in a small town. Grown-up children must testify against the man who beat their father.


director: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
director of photography: Piotr Matysiak
music: Vlodymyr Antoniv
Poland 2016, 10’09”

A journey through the world of memory: the rhythmic rumble of the train, fleeing landscape and the head full of thoughts. A lonely woman in the compartment drowns in memories.



Nothing New Under the Sun
director: Damian Kocur
director of photography: Robert Lis
Poland 2017, 24’

Michał lives in the country and looks after cows. After work, he returns home, eats and rests. Each day looks the same except for this one. A girl he met online comes with a visit.

director: Jakub Radej
director of photography: Józefina Gocman
Poland 2017, 24’

What happens with the body and property of a single person after their death? The film asks questions about the meaning of existence, importance of the individual and value of material goods.