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Competition on The Edge experiment and video-art

Rozpoczęcie: 8 December 2017 18:30
Zakończenie: 8 December 2017 20:00
Kategoria: On The Edge

Competition on The Edge experiment and video-art

director: Christopher Spencer-Lowe
director of photography: Christopher Spencer-Lowe
Canada 2017, 5’05”

Created by random processes, including randomized images and decision making, found footage inspired from social networks and cameras spun on constructed wheel mounts in random locations.


director: Karolina Dudzic
director of photography: Piotr Pawlus
music: Adam Rosiak
Poland 2016, 7’

An allegory of revolution, decadence and Dantean hell. In a dark room servants clean after a feast. Soon the servants organize the feast themselves, more and more losing themselves in eating.


Curse of the Flesh
director: Leslie Lavielle & Yannick Lecoeur
music: Pierre figure: Guilhem Gauguier, Igor Boyer, FrancoisBessac & Mami Chan
France 2016, 17’

Invisible men aboard a pirate ship land on an exotic island, where they hope to find a stone that will free them from their invisibility. But this island is inhabited by a tribe of warrior women who worship the mysterious stone.


Дом на голове Клаузеверца / House on Clausewerz Head
director: Dmitriy Bulgakov
director of photography: Kseniya Sereda
Russia 2017, 20’22”

A.P. Clausewerz is an ordinary person with an ordinary life. But one tiny event ruins everything – a house arises on his head.


Hypertable – Essais sur l’amitié / Hypertable – Essay on Friendship
director: Filippo Filliger
director of photography: Filippo Filliger
Switzerland 2017, 20’

I asked a few friends to give me some of their time and an object, in order for us to try and understand together what binds us. And, fragment by fragment, the archipelago of friendship emerges out of the sounds and images we conceived.


Kyama Malo Chin Telt Kyama Bawa / My Life I Don’t Want
director: Nyan Kyal Say
director of photography: Nyan Kyal Say
music: Diramore
Birma 2016, 11’54”

A short animated film about the life of a Birman girl, inspired by the true stories.


Les îles / Islands / Wyspy
director: Yann Gonzalez
director of photography: Simon Beaufils
France 2017, 23’

Characters wander through an erotic maze of love and desire.