7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

ŻUBROFFKA goes TECHNO: Zitto (Bassiani/GEO), Błażej Malinowski live (The Gods Planet, Semantica/PL), Dtekk (Up To Date Festival/PL), Aksamit (Affekt / Projekt Pralnia/PL)

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2018 22:30
Zakończenie: 8 December 2018 03:00
Kategoria: Concert
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

ŻUBROFFKA goes TECHNO: Zitto (Bassiani/GEO), Błażej Malinowski live (The Gods Planet, Semantica/PL), Dtekk (Up To Date Festival/PL), Aksamit (Affekt / Projekt Pralnia/PL)

DJs from Poland and Georgia at the Żubroffka’s after party in the Fama club!

Błażej Malinowski live (The Gods Planet, Semantica, PL)
Zitto (Bassiani, GE)
Dtekk (Up To Date Festival, PL)
Aksamit (Affekt / Projekt Pralnia, PL)

December 7th, 2018, 10:30 PM
Fama Club, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 10 PLN (presale) / 15 PLN (on the day of the event) – available at the Forum Cinema’s box office and on: bilety.bok.bialystok.pl

Błażej Malinowski live
Producer, radio journalist, DJ. In his artistic work, he oscillates between genres such as techno, ambient and experimental music. A co-founder of the Fűnfte Strasse project, which includes a radio programme (broadcast on Radio Kampus for the last 8 years). The creator and curator of the Why So Silent? project, which consists of screenings of avant-garde silent cinema with live music. Connected with labels such as The Gods Planet, Semantica, Kontrafaktum, Silent Season and Phorma.


“I have been interested in music since my childhood years. With various musical trends at first, but then, when I discovered techno, a radical change occurred in my life.” He launched his career in 2015 with hypnotic techno from Detroit. Levan Tsertsvadze (as this is his real name), a Georgian DJ, is one of the most interesting representatives of the contemporary club scene in Georgia. His main asset is his brilliant feel of space and context, which makes it easier for him to build a relationship with the listener. In addition to his unending search for new records, Zitto works on his own musical productions and he claims that they will indeed see the light of day. His input into the development of Georgian audiences is mainly seen through his regular performances in one of the most prestigious techno clubs in the world, Bassiani. Zitto is its proud resident, which is where his vision and musical firepower radiate from, throughout the whole world of electronic music.


Jędrzej Dondziło (Dtekk) – DJ, promoter and culture activist. Białystok-born. The originator, coordinator and programme director of Up To Date Festival. Co-creator of Technosoul, which is a collective and record label. Initiator of the Pozdro Techno password and the cycle of events: Salon Ambientu and Secret Location. He took his first steps in Metro club. Multiple winner of awards for his promotional (e.g. Nagroda Artystyczna Prezydenta Miasta Białegostoku) and musical (DJ numer 1 in Poland according to muno.pl portal’s poll) activity. He represented Białystok, the Podlasie Voivodship and Poland artistically (e.g. during international EXPO fairs in Milan). One of the most consistent and experienced Polish DJs. His sets, played solely from vinyl, represent a wide spectrum of what is the best about techno music on the one hand, while ambient and experimental music are close to his heart on the other. A special place in Jędrzej’s oeuvre is reserved for genres such as electro or italo disco. His philosophy emphasizes skilful balancing between an authentic search for the most profound forms of artistic expression and spreading the love for music. He has performed throughout Poland, including the biggest music festivals (Unsound, Audioriver, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Up To Date), as well as abroad (e.g. Berghain, Suicide Circus in Berlin, plus Great Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, or Slovakia).


DJ from Wrocław, Pralnia project resident, co-founder of Affekt project. She loves playing from vinyl, while her main inspiration are the activities of the Italian musical scene. Her compositions include hypnotic sounds, from ambient to deep techno. During her short musical adventure she has visited clubs such as, for example, Tresor, Das Lokal, Smolna, Sfinks700, Prozak 2.0, Projekt Pralnia, Burg Schnabel, or Hopeworks. She has also performed in Andorra and Barcelona. Her achievements include performances with artists such as, for instance, Dasha Rush, Neel, Takaaki Itoh, Perc, Monoloc, Dubspeeka, Fabrizio Lapiana, Frank Lorber, Introversion… She is currently responsible for booking and creating the new face of Wrocław’s Tamka Island.