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Discussion panels and therapeutical guide

Rozpoczęcie: 10 June 2021 14:00
Zakończenie: 10 June 2021 16:00
Kategoria: Panel discussions

Discussion panels and therapeutical guide

Picnic by the Road – Post-Apocalyptic-Pandemic Meeting of Filmmakers and Festivals

Thursday, June 10
Branicki Park

Meeting in the bosom of nature is a great opportunity to shake off the pandemic shock,
and Podlasie is a place exceptionally conducive to drawing energy from nature and meeting people. At the picnic,
we will sum up the year and a half of the pandemic from the perspective of the film industry and we will think about
the future of cinema and festivals. All this in a relaxed family atmosphere…

Postpandemic head and body airing.
What in the movie world helped us survive the fight against the virus?

Saturday, June 12
Camera Cafe, Lipowa 14 / 11

hosts: Jakub Koisz i Paweł Mączewski

Movie theaters, festivals, social life – everything froze for a while.
However, there are phenomena on television and on the big screen that have helped us get through this time relatively healthy.
What saved our psyche? Were they just streaming platforms? Or maybe the belief that we will finally return to film-theater normality?

A Table for Lovers

host: Kornel Miglus
the information about the timetable and venues can be founf in the festival office

Talks for those in love with the cinema or for those who cannot fall in love… not only with the cinema!