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Eastward Window Competition – set II

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2019 14:30
Zakończenie: 7 December 2019 16:00
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Eastward Window Competition – set II

Eastward Window Competition – set II

December 7, 14:30
Camera Cafe, 14/11 Lipowa St.

admission free

Screening schedule (94′), 16+

director: Jan Vejnar
director of photography: Simon Dvoráček
music: Jan Vysocky
Czech Republic, France 2019, 14’

A man follows a group of workers coming for daywork in an industrial area. Soon, he’s stripped form his clothes and identity, dressed in a military uniform and armed. His determination not to fall behind the others is then tested by a series of unsettling events.


Lidérc úr / Mr. Mare
director: Luca Tóth
music: Csaba Kalotás
Hungary, France 2019, 19’

Looking at an x-ray image a young handsome man is horrified to learn that the weird, tumor-like lump on his chest is the top of a tiny plump man`s head. Nested in his body, he is waiting to be born… “Mr. Mare” is a surreal animated chamber play, set in a “haunted” claustrophobic space, in which we witness the dynamics of unrequited love as we follow the relationship of an oddly codependent pair.


Cum înalți un zmeu? / How to Fly a Kite?
director: Loránd Gábor
director of photography: Elena Bolintiru
Romania 2018, 28’

Aurel is trying to win his father’s recognition. One day while gathering firewood in the nearby forest he comes of age quite differently as he expected.


Sh_t Happens
director: Michaela Mihályi & David Štumpf
Slovakia, Czech Republic 2019, 13’

The caretaker exhausted of everything. His frustrated wife. Totally depressed deer. Their mutual despair leads them to some absurd events, because sh_t happens all the time.


Në Mes / In Between
director: Samir Karahoda
director of photography: Samir Karahoda
Kosovo 2019, 14’

Empathetic portrait of the families that, by economic necessity, need to live much of their lives separated and living in cultures not their own.


Biciklisti / Cyclists
director: Veljko Popović
Croatia, France 2018, 7’

The cycling season is nearing its grand finale. During the final race, the two men in the lead are competing for more than the Grand Trophy; they are fighting for the affection of a lady and fulfilment of their erotic fantasies. Meanwhile, the small port town prepares for the arrival of a large ocean liner and its dashing captain.