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Hungarian Film Breakfast

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2018 11:30
Zakończenie: 9 December 2018 13:20
Kategoria: Special screenings
Lokalizacja: Zmiana Klimatu

Hungarian Film Breakfast

A unique event during which you will have a true Hungarian film breakfast!

Hungarian Film Breakfast

December 9th, 2018, 11:30 AM
Zmiana Klimatu, 6 Warszawska Street
free entry
age rating: 16+

Żubroffka Short Film Festival and The Szonyi Kino Garden, the first garden cinema of the Danube Bend, are inviting you to a very unique event. Experience a real traditional Hungarian film breakfast with us! Taste different kinds of Hungarian sausages: highly peppered, spicy and mild “kolbász”; the original seasoned cottage cheese “körözött”; and, real bacon with fresh white bread. And don’t worry, we will have something to flush it down with, something that you must not miss: the original apricot “pálinka”. Moreover, if this isn’t enough, you can taste the Hungarian life elixir, the UNICUM, so that we become reinvigorated to enjoy food for the mind: the world of fresh Hungarian short films. You can watch Hungarian sci-fi, experimental animation, the latest movie from our Oscar winner Kristof Deak, and many more! As we Hungarians would say, “Egészségükre”, enjoy!

Curators: The Szonyi Kino Garden crew

Momentum, Kristóf Balázs Németh, 4’
Negyven év/Forty years, Anna Gyimesi, 2018, 15’59”
Földiek/Earthly People, Freund Ádám, 2017, 27’
A legjobb játék/The Best game ever, Deák Kristóf, 2018, 20’
Unikum, Monory Csaba, 2016, 3’
Párnaarc/Pillowface, Péter Vácz, Romania/Hungary 2018, 11’