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Jury members’ films + Q&A – part I and II

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2018 14:15
Zakończenie: 9 December 2018 17:45
Kategoria: Special screenings
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Jury members’ films + Q&A – part I and II

We have the pleasure of inviting you to ŻUBROFFKA’s Jury members’ films screenings!

Jury members’ films + Q&A

December 9th, 2018
2:15 PM – part I (60’)
4 PM – part II (82’)
Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Part I

Da je kuca dobra i vuk bi je imao
No Wolf Has a House
director: Hana Jušić
Croatia 2015, 25’

Sandra is an overly sensitive young woman who has trouble recognizing the line between reality and her fantasies. During her husband’s birthday party, she has to spend a day with his family. Their barely concealed hostility is making her gradually lose her mind.

A Letter to Fukuyama
director: Lukas V. Rinner
Argentina 2010, 10’40”

An unidentified man, X, abducts a young woman who lives in the privileged suburbs of Buenos Aires, and takes her to the countryside. Here he sets her free, but only for a fleeting moment, in order to shoot her with his hunting rifle. A crime without motivation. An anonymous man. A man that leaves no traces behind except for some distant shadows through the night.

Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year
director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Greece 2018, 23’19”

New Year’s eve dawns in a moon-kissed car, and Sofia has a dream that she tells no-one: while walking on a desert, she gets to know that she is sick. She pretends she does not care. Has she lost her heart?

Part II

Ce magnifique Gâteau!
This Magnificent Cake!
director: Marc James Roels & Emma De Swaef
Belgium 2018, 44’

An anthology film set in colonial Africa in the late 19th century telling the stories of 5 different characters: a troubled king, a middle-aged Pygmy working in a luxury hotel, a failed businessman on an expedition, a lost porter and a young army deserter.

Koniec świata
End of the world
director: Monika Pawluczuk
Poland 2015, 38’

The night, the city, the conversation. A radio journalist takes emotional calls from listeners while ER dispatch listens to the sounds of human tragedies. Both on air, they are somehow connected. Monika Pawluczuk fuses those pictures and creates a sensual and demure image of modern life.