6-10.12.2023 / Białystok


Rozpoczęcie: 4 December 2015 22:30
Zakończenie: 5 December 2015 03:05
Kategoria: Concert
Lokalizacja: Fama Club



World pioneers and legends of global bass scene! Munich crazy duo took world playlists by storm with their mix of dancehall, kuduro, electro, baile funk and Balkan rhythms. They gained fame collaborating with such music aces as MIA, Snoop Dogg, Major Lazer, Buraka Som Sistema, Bonde do Role and Nicky Da B. For several years now they have been producing innovative music, defined by critics as booty bass, tropical bass or Munich bass… The musicians themselves simply call it dirty dance music, and their main goal is to integrate and connect people in a mad collective dance.


Schlachthofbronx Press Pic 1 by David Rasche


Italian artist and producer inflaming global dance floors with a mix of mutant jazz jungle house and world music. Focused on the exploration of African sounds, he is like a shaman fusing polyrhythmic drums and European dance bass into an original and unique hybrid. His refreshing sound captivates the listeners and forces them to move. Tribal chants and plenitude of eclectic percussion samples spell wild and frenzied storm that no conscious dance-floor frequenter will resist!


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Kró-LEWski Sound (PL)

Three-generation bass attack from Podlasie. During their gigs they serve multi-sessions of roots, reggae, dub, dubstep, bass, steppers, dancehall, jungle, DnB and digital. Their mission statement is: make Bass not War!


Kró-LEWski Sound