7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

konkurs Amatorzy

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2013 12:30
Zakończenie: 7 December 2013 14:30
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema ,5 Legionowa St. ,Białystok

konkurs Amatorzy

Camera Cafe, 6.12, 14:30
Kino Forum, 7.12, 12:30

adaptac[1]ADAPTATION, reż. Jakub Janz, 2013, 1′
cinematography: Paweł Rożek

The film presents, half-seriously, half-jokingly, one of the problems of present-day cinematography.

forteleRUSES, reż. Karol Godek, 2013, 11′
cinematography: Paweł Rożek

The film presents, half-seriously, half-jokingly, one of the problems of present-day cinematography.

mam takie marzenieI HAVE A DREAM…, reż. Małgorzata i Kajetan Święcichowscy, 2013, 9’13”
cinematography: Małgorzata i Kajetan Święcichowscy

Several disabled people talk about their dreams

pierogarnia (2)PIEROGARNIA, reż. Kasper Piasecki, 2013,14’4”
cinematography: Marek Polaszewski

Food is called “nourishment”, because to nourishes us. It is also said that “you are what you eat”. Let’s reverse the situation and see if maybe “what you eat is like you”? But here comes the question: what is the ‘you’ like? …

pan sowaMR SOWA, reż. Natalia Jacheć, 2013, 12′
cinematography: Natalia Jacheć

The life of Mr Sowa seemed to be full of colours, people and fun. But it turned out to be a swamp, a hell of addictions, with him often at death’s door…

mama nie mamaMOM NOT MOM, reż. Krystian Buczek, 2013, 5’16”
zdjęcia/cinematography: Krystian Buczek

Teresa travels across Poland to visit her mom. In the flat, where each clock shows a different time, times and memories mix together. Mother keeps asking what happened to her husband and tries to understand what Teresa means to her…

FrameFRAME, reż. Michał Sulima, 2013, 6’
zdjęcia/cinematography: Michał Sulima

The film is an experimental art-house hybrid, a homage to and a commentary on the cinema and its narrative powers. Employing cliches, deception and cinematic tools of manipulation, it shows how interpretations and narratives inevitably determine our perception.

SamolubEGOIST, reż. Tomasz Wiśniewski, 2013, 30’
zdjęcia/cinematography: Tomasz Wiśniewski

In 2011, Tomasz Cichocki made an attempt to circumnavigate the world without calling at any port.

ZABIERAJMY SIĘ STĄDLET’S GET OUT OF HERE, reż. Filip Bojarski, 2013, 11’
cinematography: Antek Grałek

Short and to the point, the title says it all: let’s get out of here, it’s no country for decent folk!

franekFRANEK, reż. Bartek Tryzna, 2013, 6’10”
cinematography: Bartek Tryzna

The protagonist is 8-year-old Franek. One day his grandma tells him something that will change his life forever…

zycieLIFE BEYOND THE GRAVE, realiz. Marika Prętkiewicz, Piotr Flisiuk, Adam Waliszewski, 2012, 9’12”,
cinematography: Adam Waliszewski

“Summer is like a dead season for undertakers”… The protagonist, Eugeniusz, after the cemetery gates are closed, takes us for a walk around the story of his life.

cinematography: Paweł Czarnecki

An experimental musical with a statment.

HAMMOCKS, reż. Joanna Polak, 2013, 3’42’

Jews were an integral part of the town of Sejny and their rast on Shabat is well remembered by other city dwellers. But the World War II came, scattering Jewish world of Sejny and memories of it.