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Competition Amateurs

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2016 20:30
Zakończenie: 9 December 2016 22:00
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Competition Amateurs



director/reżyser: Lucjan Włodarczyk
cinematography/zdjęcia: Mieczysław Bryk, Izabela Cichecka
music/muzyka: Sylwia Niemancewicz
Poland/Polska 2016, 19′
contact/kontakt: lucjanjanwlodarczyk@gmail.com

Young Hania looks after her ill auntie. At the same time, the plumber’s visits become more frequent than usual…

Daleko od domu
Far Away From Home

director/reżyser: Rafał Kaczmarek
cinematography/zdjęcia: Rafał Kaczmarek
Poland, Turkey/Polska, Turcja 2016, 3′
contact/kontakt: rafikaczmarek@gmail.com

A poetic documentary about Syrian refugees in Turkey.

screen-efekt-dominaEfekt domina
Domino Effect

director/reżyser: Mikołaj Wróbel
cinematography/zdjęcia: Mikołaj Wróbel, Krzysztof Poczęty
Poland/Polska 2016, 15’
contact/kontakt: mwrobel219@gmail.com

Film about violence, which is like a virus, a contagious disease; and one can easily get infected. The main character experiences it from his father but also uses violence against one of his peers.


director/reżyser: Konrad Pachciarek
cinematography/zdjęcia: Łukasz Nyks
music/muzyka: Luxtorpeda
Poland/Polska 2016, 39′
contact/kontakt: marysia.piatkiewicz@gmail.com

A meeting that has never taken place. A letter that brings death instead of hope. A dream that becomes a nightmare. A story of young boys’ relationships with their fathers – absent strangers.

krol-teb-3Król Teb
King of Thebes

director/reżyser: Sebastian Szewczykowski
cinematography/zdjęcia: Wojciech Wolak
music/muzyka: Przemek Majerowski
Poland/Polska 2016, 14′
contact/kontakt: lachupacabr@gmail.com

Adam wants to thank his father for a birthday card but the man ignores him. The boy tells him in anger that he is gay and leaves the room.

lekcja-muzyki-1Lekcja Muzyki
The Music Lesson

director/reżyser: Maciej Korsan
cinematography/zdjęcia: Maciej Korsan, Karolina Jabłońska
music/muzyka: Ludwig van Beethoven/Maciej Korsan
Poland/Polska 2016, 1′
contact/kontakt: maciejkorsan@gmail.com

A film about fulfilling dreams and learning to sing (without the latter).


director/reżyser: Paulina Koniuk-Fonżychowska
cinematography/zdjęcia: Paulina Koniuk-Fonżychowska
music/muzyka: Martijn de Boer
Poland/Polska 2016, 6′
contact/kontakt: pkoniuk@interia.pl

A scientist absorbed in his work spends all his life in the lab, trying to invent a potion. He lives next to his wife, son and true life that passes by, though he doesn’t seem to see it.