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Students competition – programme II

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2013 20:00
Zakończenie: 5 December 2013 22:00
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe ,14/11 Lipowa St. ,Białystok

Students competition – programme II


Camera Cafe, 5.12, 20:00
Kino Forum, 7.12, 15:15

Edward (2)EDWARD, reż. Emilia Śniegoska, 2013, 11’34”
cinematography: Bartosz Świniarski

Over 20 years ago Edward broke with his former life and settled on a rubble pile in the center of Wrocław. He lives without electricity, running water and money. He has built a house on an escarpment, takes care of his dog Tinka and diligently digs a picturesque ravine.

obcy 1OBCY / STRANGER, reż. Piotr Domalewski, 2013, 24′
cinematography: Igor Połaniewicz

Nighttime. A Stranger arrives at a village near Łomża, whose residents lease land previously owned by a State-owned Collective Farm (PGR). Nobody knows anything about his plans or intentions. The village head must show Stranger round the lands leased by the residents.

carnalisCARNALIS, reż. Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, 2012, 3’33”
cinematography: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Piotr Matysiak

Look at your hand very closely, choose a fragment, no bigger than a centimeter. Stare at it until you see a landscape. When a vein becomes a river or a tree, and a piece of skin an open space, watch „Carnalis”…
Echo 1ECHO, reż. Marcin Filipowicz, 2013, 19’
cinematography: Dominik Zadęcki, Hubert Stępniewicz, Weronika Bilska

After a longer absence the father unexpectedly comes back and takes his son on a holiday. In a mysterious forest he teaches the boy the basic skills needed for survival: how to make a fire, build a hut, and hide under water…

osiemnastkaOSIEMNASTKA / EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY, reż. Marta Prus, 2012, 19’
cinematography: Przemysław Brynkiewicz

A ward of the Youth Educational Center in Łódź is eighteen now. When she is released, she wants to throw a birthday party for herself.

arena_martin_rath[1]ARENA, reż. Martin Rath, 2013, 23′
cinematography: Bartosz Świniarski

A young hitch-hiker is taken in by Bieszczady dwellers. Fascinated by their charisma and the wildness of the place, he decides to put himself to the test and in this way establish his presence in the mountains.

zar-2[1]ŻAR / THE HEAT, reż. Bartosz Kruhlik, 2013, 24′
cinematography: Daniel Wawrzyniak

Heat is: 1. Coal or wood heated to redness, 2. High air temperature, 3. Vehemence of feelings.