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Students competition – programme I

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2013 15:00
Zakończenie: 5 December 2013 17:00
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe ,14/11 Lipowa St. ,Białystok

Students competition – programme I

Zabicie ciotki 3KILLING AUNTIE, reż. Mateusz Głowacki, 2013, 30′
cinematography: Kacper Sędzielewski

Jurek is 23 years old and studies history. He lives with his loving auntie, who raises and supports him. Feeling that she is the cause and symbol of his existential boredom, monotony and malaise, he reaches for the hammer… Killing Auntie is a movie based on an unfinished novel written by Andrzej Bursa in 1957.

Nasza zima zła 1OUR BAD WINTER, reż. Grzegorz Zariczny, 2012, 21
cinematography: Weronika Bilska

Radka and Marzena rent a small apartment together. Both work as nurses in a special school, they also moonlight by performing alcohol detox. Radka fights for custody over her child. Marzena still has not. One day, Marzena asks Radka to replace her at work…

chytrusSLYBOOTS, reż. Paulina Wójcik, 2013, 3’02”
cinematography: Paulina Wójcik

„Slyboots” is a short 2D animation which playfully exposes the greed, cunning, and insidiousness that sometimes awaken in each of us.

ythumb_sMOTHER, reż. Łukasz Ostalski, 2013, 30′
cinematography: Sławomir Witek

Małgorzata, an important politician, goes to a house by the lake. Her son, a drug addict, needs help. Małgorzata asks her daughter for support. On arrival, they discover the half-conscious boy and the mutilated body of a girl

nasza klatwa (2)

OUR CURSE, reż. Tomasz Śliwiński, 2013, 27′
cinematography: Tomasz Śliwiński, Magda Hueckel

The director of the film, together with his wife, must stand up against their child’s rare incurable disease – Ondine’s curse (congenital central hypoventilation syndrome). The afflicted persons fail to breathe during sleep and require lifetime aid of a respirator.

Święto Zmarłych 2ALL SOULS’DAY, reż. Aleksandra Terpińska, 2012, 18′
cinematography: Bartosz Bieniek

To be born on All Souls’ Day is a paradox that needs to be faced once a year. It is the joy of a birthday and the sadness for the dearly departed. This is also a crucial moment, as the protagonist tries to solve some of her problems and… grows up.