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Competition Students Set I

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2016 16:00
Zakończenie: 7 December 2016 17:45
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Competition Students Set I


director/reżyser: Bartosz Kruhlik
cinematography/zdjęcia: Michał Dymek
music/muzyka: Andrzej Strzemzalski
Poland/Polska 2016, 24’50”
e-mail: kruhlik@wp.pl

Adaptation: 1. Change in the structure or function of an organism, increasing the chances of survival.
2. An individual’s accommodation to new living conditions or external stress.
3. Getting one’s sight used to seeing in the dark.

director/reżyser: Anastazja Dąbrowska
cinematography/zdjęcia: Robert Lis
music/muzyka: Marcin Nierubiec
Poland/Polska 2016, 24′
e-mail: michal.hudzikowski@us.edu.pl

Daniel spends his holidays in a camp for people with Down syndrome. The camera is watching his conversations with colleagues. And boys will be boys, and will talk about girls. And they are dead serious.


director/reżyser: Emi Buchwald
cinematography/zdjęcia: Tomasz Gajewski
Poland/Polska 2016, 19’38”
e-mail: emi.mazurkiewicz@gmail.com

Fourth graders must learn a poem by heart.

nie-trac-glowy_300dpiNie trać głowy
Don’t Lose Your Head

director/reżyser: Karolina Specht
cinematography/zdjęcia: Karolina Specht
Poland/Polska 2015, 4′
e-mail: specht.karolina@gmail.com

A graphic story about how easily you can lose your head. One event triggers a cascade of subsequent incidents.

The Gentle Giant
director/reżyser: Marcin Podolec
cinematography/zdjęcia: Marcin Gierbisz
music/muzyka: Rafał Samborski, Piotr Markowicz
Poland/Polska 2016, 10′41”
e-mail: festiwale@fumistudio.com

The main character is going to a poetry contest. To gather the courage and overcome his demons, he looks deep into his memories. The film about a little step for the mankind but a big step for the man.

podwojny-cheeseburgerPodwójny Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger

director/reżyser: Maciej Jankowski
cinematography/zdjęcia: Michał Modlinger
music/muzyka: Andreas Dohmeyer, Nils Ruzicka
Poland/Polska 2015, 13’44”
e-mail: maciej.jankowski696@gmail.com

Father tries to convince his son to stay in the camp for obese children.

dealThe Deal

director/reżyser: Ewa Smyk
cinematography/zdjęcia: Ewa Smyk
UK, Poland/Wielka Brytania, Polska 2015, 4’29”
e-mail: smykenator@gmail.com

Short stop-motion animation on arranging marriages in 1950/60s, set in the Eastern-Polish borderland, based on the diary of the director’s grandfather.