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Midnight Shorts vol. VII

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2018 23:00
Zakończenie: 6 December 2018 01:00
Kategoria: Special screenings
Lokalizacja: Zmiana Klimatu

Midnight Shorts vol. VII

Welcome to the Night of the Living Shorts! We invite all the maniacs of night pleasures for consumption of a unique film dish, served for the last seven years by the ŻUBROFFKA selectors! A dish made from nightmares, black humour, sex and crime!

Midnight Shorts vol. VII

December 5th, 2018, 11 PM
Zmiana Klimatu, 6 Warszawska Street
free entry

For starters, we’ll learn the alphabet of death and chaos forced on animals by the unaware humans. Protagonists of one of the films will face a pre-Christmas dilemma: who is the one to kill… not a carp, but Santa! We shall experience a love story between a man and a shed – his eternally hungry shed, whose hunger is for human meat! A zombiedrama of rotting bodies shall happen on… Father’s Day! We’ll see how difficult it is for an East End mobster to find shelter. We’ll also explain what to do if you want to be cool but, out of the blue, you get… a demon, and how to behave when you inherit a satanic guitar that riffs one to shreds! There will be no shortage of Brazilian murders and cannibals, a Catalan Alice in Wonderland and a racoon that curses a waste loader and changes him into a ball of rubbish! Please note that what the screening requires form the viewers is a dark sense of humour and iron sensitivity!

After the screening, Lonesome JeDi will play an imaginary soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s nonexistent film, live from vinyl records!

Curators: Maciej Rant & Marcin Łuczaj

Accidents, Blunders and Calamities, James Cunningham, New Zealand 2015, 5’
Holiday fear, Nicholas Santos, USA 2017, 3’51”
Blood Shed, James Moran, UK 2017, 13’
Comeback Kid, Ian Robertson, UK 2017, 17’
A Father’s Day, Mat Johns, UK 2016, 10’
Alicia, Daniel M. Caneiro, Hiszpania 2017, 10’
The Temp, Ben Mallaby, UK 2017, 3’21”
We summoned a Demon, Chris McInroy, USA 2017, 6’
Rosalita, Luciano de Azevedo, Brazylia 2017, 19’
Death metal, Chris McInroy, USA 2016, 4’47”
Garbage, Alan Miller, Kanada 2017, 8’
Shortcut, Prano Bailey-Bond, UK 2016, 5’