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Music Video Competition

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2019 22:30
Zakończenie: 6 December 2019 02:00
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Music Video Competition

MUSIC VIDEO Competition

December 5, 22:30
Fama club, 5 Legionowa St.
tickets (including the concert afterwards): 12 PLNbilety.bok.bialystok.pl and at the Forum cinema

Screening schedule:

director: Paco Raterta
director of photography: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Philippines 2018, 3’13”

A film about running away. The haunting clip with the devilish beat. No matter how fast they ran, his shovel swinging down on their faces with each crushing boom.

Sex Planet: Lacie
director: Zach Strum
director of photography: Jon Pfundstein
music: Sex Planet
USA 2018, 2’52”

An exploration of identity through an androgynous male.

Myd (feat. Cola Boyy): Muchas
director: Alice Moitié
director of photography: Nicolas Loir
music: Myd (feat. Cola Boyy)
France 2018, 3’43”

The narrative is a reflection on the homogenization of society and sure does take a dark turn at the end.

Rosalía: Malamente
director: Nicolás Méndez / Canada
director of photography: Daniel F. Abelló
music: Rosalía
Spain 2018, 2’48”

Courage, novice bullfighting and racing motorcycles; in this vivid clip, we’re taken to new heights.

Syny: Nag Champa
director: Sebastian Pańczyk
director of photography: Marek Sanak
music: Syny
Poland 2019, 4’13”

The video is a synthesis of all most significant elements of “Syny” mythology. This is the first time where they have been combined into a visual narration which hypnotizes and draws us into the dark mystical realism of the world of Syny. The production consisted of bringing to life the known, recognizable world but also one that is unreal, moving toward surrealistic impression with the boundaries between the one and the other becoming blurred.

Mitski: A Pearl
director: Saad Moosajee, Danaé Gosset
director of photography: Saad Moosajee and Danae Gosset
music: Mitski
USA 2019, 2’31”

A figure runs through a maze of houses, before falling through a dream space. Though we never actually see her face the turmoil, and urgency is palpable. A physical drop to represent the rupture of one’s heart of one’s soul.

Obongjayar: Never Change
director: Duncan Loudon
director of photography: Krzysztof Trojnar
music: Obongjayar
England 2018, 4’03”

Grief and remembrance speak different languages.

Iglooghost: Clear Tamei
director: Luke Gibson
director of photography: Darren Samuels
music: Iglooghost
USA 2018, 4’21”

Iglooghost is drained of his energy by the mystical and merciless gods known as Tamei and Mogu.

Corps: A Corps
director: Yoann Stehr
director of photography: Yoann Stehr
music: Corps
France 2018, 3’37”

“A Corps”, a sulfurous video clip which comes back from the 70’s, signed by Temple Caché and directed by Yoann Stehr. Ode at erotiscism or passionate crime? On sexual and explicit lyrics, the videoclip moves around erotics photos collages in motion on vintages film sets of porn.

Swamp Dogg: Star Dust
director: Matt Dilmore
director of photography: Doug Frobel, ASC
music: Swamp Dogg
USA 2019, 4’49”

Video is inspired by the pioneering African-American filmmaker Bill Gunn’s “Personal Problems”. Legendary soul and R&B singer Swamp Dogg combines forces with filmmaker Matt Dilmore to create a magical music video cover of Hoagie Carmichael’s classic “Stardust”. Shot on hi-8 video and boasting a supporting cast of both Moogstar and former Major Leaguer Lowell Palmer, transports a career’s worth of Swamp Dogg imagery and album art to the confines of an early 2000s American high school.

Shortparis: Страшно / Scary
director: Shortparis
director of photography: Gleb Neupokoev
music: Shortparis
Russia 2018, 5’26”

The clip, of course, is trying to manifest the state of part of the current generation. It is provocative and alludes to a number of social tragedies, for some reason not yet reflected in our visual culture. Along the way, triggers, painful associations, social taboos, fears are revealed: Arabic script, let it spell the word “Friendship” or “Love” inevitably associated with terrorism, shaved heads with neo-Nazism, and so on. But after this game of meanings, the bottom line remains one thing – a state of not articulated, but growing anxiety, common to all.

Jenny Wilson: Rapin*
director: Gustaf Holtenäs
director of photography: Gustaf Holtenäs
music: Jenny Wilson
Sweden 2018, 3’40”

Hypnotic animation by Gustaf Holtenäs lures you in to bear witness to the horrifying, graphically-depicted events, forcing you to contend with the awful truth of sexual assault, even if it leaves you sickened (as it should).

Motorama: I see you
director: Kinopravda
director of photography: Alberto Banares
music: Motorama
Spain, Russia Rosja 2018, 3’27”

Minimalistic sleeping people concept with documentary accent.

Salvatore Ganacci: Horse
director: Vedran Rupic
director of photography: Lionel Cabrera
music: Salvatore Ganacci
Sweden 2019, 2’45”

The “Horse” video shows an animal-whispering Salvatore on a mission to save his furry friends as he sweeps away into the sunset inside the safe haven of a gigantic vegan loafer.