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ZUBROFFKA awards – Mister D show (PL)

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2014 19:00
Zakończenie: 7 December 2014 21:00
Kategoria: Concert
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

ZUBROFFKA awards – Mister D show (PL)

Mister D. – Musical incarnation of writer Dorota Masłowska (“Snow White and Russian Red”, “Queen’s Peacock”). At the beginning of 2014 she released her debut album “Społeczeństwo jest niemiłe (Society Is Unkind)” – original mix of rap, punk and dance music. The lyrics are a psychedelic cluster of stories from the popular press, expressed in a languague that might be described “statistical Polish”. Entering the world of songs has opened for Masłowska new rhetorical opportunities: I’m still into the written word, but literature as an industry makes me very tired. I think that Polish society is very unkind. But I can’t write a book about it, because I hate committed literature. And here I could express all my gloomy reflections on hookers, pimps, dough and driving an Audi. I felt free and happy.

Mister D. is a very thoughtful visual message, each video evokes lots of emotions, one of them features model Anja Rubik. People could also hear Mister D  live at OFF Festival, Sopot Fringe, Gdańsk Interference or supporting Die Antwoord in Warsaw.

Robert Sankowski of “Gazeta Wyborcza”: Masłowska the singer is still Masłowska the writer. She experiments, brazenly provokes, balancing on the edge of kitsch. Golden chains, translucent blouses, shiny down jackets, bright lipsticks. Just like in her novels Masłowska exposes the emptiness of this reality through language.


Tickets: 20 PLN