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Northern Lights – norwegian shorts

Rozpoczęcie: 6 December 2014 19:00
Zakończenie: 6 December 2014 20:30
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Zmiana Klimatu ,6 Warszawska St. ,Białystok

Northern Lights – norwegian shorts

The ideal Norwegian maker of short films is expected to be on a constant quest to find the right form for each story. Showcasing internal and external landscapes, this programme presents a cross-section of Norwegian shorts, each with a unique approach to national culture and mentality. Some of the films have won numerous awards at festivals all around the world, while others are secret gems; all in some way representative of Norway today.

Å åpne, å se / To Open, to See, Camilla Figenschou, 2012, 15′

Det var ikke meg, det var fiskmåsen / Blame it on the Seagul, lJulie Engaas, 2013, 12′
Å vokte fjellet/ To Guard a Mountain, Izer Aliu, 2012, 25′
En forestilling / A Play, Liv Mari Mortensen, 2012, 2′
Sprutbass – Norsk dans / Solfrid Kjetså, Karl Erik Brøndbo, 2013, 3′
Fallet / Andreas Thaulow, 2014, 15′
Whateverest, Kristoffer Borgli, 2012, 15′