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eastward window 1: death

Rozpoczęcie: 4 December 2015 15:30
Zakończenie: 4 December 2015 17:00
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe



dir./reż. Pavel G. Vesnakov
cinematography/zdjęcia: Orlin Ruevski
Bulgaria, Germany/Bułgaria, Niemcy 2015, 30′
contact/kontakt: sw@heimathafenfilm.de

A sudden death of his father urges Zeus to organize a decent funeral. He decides to contact his older half-brother Vassil who has no feelings left for his father and isn’t very eager to financially support Zeus.



dir./reż. Domas Petronis
cinematography/zdjęcia: Zbigniev Bartoševič
Lithuania/Litwa 2014, 10”
contact/kontakt: giedrei.burokaitei@gmail.com

A couple decides to put down their old dog and starts arguing. In what circumstances one becomes a master of someone’ s life? Which methods of killing are acceptable? When does a life become an item? A paradox of humane act of killing.


Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa
We Can’t Live without Cosmos

dir./reż. Konstantin Bronzit
cinematography/zdjęcia: Konstantin Bronzit
music/muzyka: Valentin Vassenkov
Russia/Rosja 2015, 15”
contact/kontakt: info@promofest.org

Two cosmonauts, two friends, try to do their best in their everyday training life to make their common dream a reality. But this story is not only about the dream.


Dispozitiv 0068
0068 Sniper’s Nest

dir./reż. Radu Barbulescu
cinematography/zdjęcia: George Dascalescu
Romania/Rumunia 2015, 20′
contact/kontakt: alexandra.colta@alienfilm.ro

A sniper is planted inside a top floor apartment to keep the area secured for the ongoing NATO Summit. He discovers the owner of the apartment lying in bed – a half paralyzed, old woman. Her odd request will change their lives.



dir./reż. Genadzi Buto
cinematography/zdjęcia: Genadzi Buto
music/muzyka: Stanislav Makovskiy
Belarus, Russia/Białoruś, Rosja 2015, 8”
contact/kontakt: gena.buto@gmail.com

A creature settles down in a young man’s room and feeds him but at the same time kills him. His life is falling apart, and he has no choice but to start a deadly struggle against this dependence.


 Lost Village

dir./reż. George Todria
cinematography/zdjęcia: Gorka Gómez Andreu
music/muzyka: Irakli Shonia
Spain, Georgia/Hiszpania, Gruzja 2015, 15’36”
contact/kontakt: kimuak@filmotecavasca.com

A middle-aged man and woman are the only ones living in an abandoned village when lights start appearing in some of the empty houses. Each character reacts to this phenomenon differently. Their lives will never be the same again.