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ZUBROFFKA for kids: Picnic with cake and big… sewing!

Rozpoczęcie: 8 December 2013 11:00
Zakończenie: 8 December 2013 13:00
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Fama Club ,5 Legionowa St ,Białystok

ZUBROFFKA for kids: Picnic with cake and big… sewing!

Young readers who know (published also in Poland) famous picture books by The Tjong-Khing “The Birthday Cake Mystery” and “Picnic with Cake” will have a real treat. They will see all the stories they followed, discovered and compiled on the pages of the books on the screen now! Of course, all the children will have good fun as the books-inspired series of films offers everything that makes picture books gaining so many fans – great aesthetics and a puzzle that will involve both small and grown up audiences.

The heroes of the “Picnic with Cake” are animals that live in a small village and know one another well. They are Lizard, Toad, Mrs. Poodle, two Rats, and others, and each of them is a real individuality. Everyone loves picnics and cakes, and the disappearance of their favorite delicacy is a real event. Everyone wants to know who stole the cake and how. You will see a story through the eyes of the characters and solve the crime riddle of the disappearance of the cake with them!

The show is destined for children aged 3-6. After the films, the kids and their attendants will have the opportunity to design and sew mascots together.

In the programme:

Państwo Psytulińscy/Picnic with Cake: Mrs.&Mr. Dog/Picknick met Taart: Mrs.&Mr. Dog
Królik z latawcem/Picnic with Cake: Kite Rabbit/Picknick met Taart: Kite Rabbit
Szczurek Toni i Szczurek Danny/Picnic with Cake: Toni and Danny Rat/Picknick met Taart: Toni and Danny Rat
Pani Świnka/Picnic with Cake: Mrs. Pig/Picknick met Taart: Mrs. Pig
Jaszczur i Ropuch/Picnic with Cake: Lizard and Frog/Picknick met Taart: Lizard and Frog
Pan Buldog/Picnic with Cake: Mr. Bulldog/Picknick met Taart: Mr. Bulldog
Pani Pudliczka/Picnic with Cake: Mrs. Poodle/Picknick met Taart: Mrs. Poodle
Program – Holandia 2012, reż./dir. Masha Halberstad, Tom van Gestel, Mercedes Marro, 42′ (7 x 6′)