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ZUBROFFKA Special: Balkan Blues

Rozpoczęcie: 3 December 2015 19:30
Zakończenie: 3 December 2015 21:30

Not so many productions, but lot of good films! We know that Balkans are a factory of topics. Unfortunately big competition between directors and lack of sufficient funds make the majority of subjects not treated. What characterizes the recent Balkan film is growth of quality in film production, global distribution and  participation in many important film festivals. Worth mentioning  are “The Chicken” chosen by European Film Academy the best short film of 2014, and “The Balcony” which was screened in more than 120 film festivals since its premiere at Venice Film Festival in 2013. What does not change is the directors’ unique approach to current topics which are characteristic for their countries and culture, as well as a typical Balkan way of confession. The originality of daily life stories is very much reflected in cinematographic language, which brings these stories closer to the audience. The authors have the opportunity to express their everyday experiences and share them with others.

Balkan Blues was especially curated for the audience of ŻUBROFFKA Short Film Festival, mostly consisting of young people, as I remember from my last visit to Bialystok. I hope that they will spend wonderful time while tasting these short films from the “Balkan land of stories”.

Enjoy the films!

Kurator/Curator: Samir Karahoda, Short Film Programmer Dokufest, Kosovo

Excursie, dir./reż. Adrian Sitaru, Romania 2014, 19′
Ballkoni, dir./reż. Lendita Zeqiraj, Kosovo 2013, 21′
The Turist, dir./reż. Ariel Shaban, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014, 13′
Mamci i Udice, dir./reż. Luka Popadić, Switzerland, Serbia 2014,  10′
The Chicken, dir./reż. Una Gunjak, Germany, Croatia 2014, 15′