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Special program: Caribbean Corner

Rozpoczęcie: 8 December 2013 15:00
Zakończenie: 8 December 2013 17:00
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Kategoria: Short journeys
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe ,14/11 Lipowa St. ,Białystok

Special program: Caribbean Corner

Caribbean Film Corner was foundedin 2009 (its founders are Marc Woods and Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda) and presents all that is best in the Caribbean region cinematography. The films(in four languages spoken in the Caribbean:French, Spanish, Dutch and English)include not only worksby filmmakers actually living inthe region ofthe Caribbean Sea, butalsothose who show in theirproductions culture anddaily life ofpeople livinginthis part of theworld and the waythey perceive thesurrounding reality. The setincludesdocumentaries, live action shorts, and animations.


Prosper, reż./dir.WendelMcShine, Trynidadi Tobago, 3’
The Faces of the Slave Trade, reż./dir.Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda, Trynidadi Tobago, 16’12’’
20 Anos, Cuba, 7’
Jesus TV, Wenezuela, 16’
In Stereo, reż./dir. Joyce & Herman,Jamajka, 6’
Vendor Rivalry, reż./dir.AnsarSattar, Trynidad/USA, 4’14’’
Sueno Down, reż./dir. Ignacio Marquez, Wenezuela, 15’
Le Vagabond de St Marcel/The Wanderer of St Marcel, reż./dir. RonyHotin, Francja, 8’
Entre deux/In between, reż./dir. Nadia Charlery, Martynika, 8’
Colours in the Dust, reż./dir. Jonathan Stack, Haiti, 8’
Hija de puta/Daughter of a Whore, reż./dir. Alexandra Bas, Wenezuela, 14’
Vivre/Live, reż./dir. Maharaki MJ, Francja/Guadelupa, 13’
Wake up, reż./dir. Ken Wolff, Holandia, 8’
Dance, reż./dir. Janine Fung, Trynidadi Tobago, 10’