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ŻUBROFFKA Special: Romanian Film Breakfast

Rozpoczęcie: 10 December 2017 11:30
Zakończenie: 10 December 2017 13:00
Kategoria: Special screenings
Lokalizacja: Zmiana Klimatu

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Romanian Film Breakfast

Pofta buna! (Enjoy your meal!) – In such words we will start a unique presentation of the latest Romanian cinema, combined with tasting of Romanian delicacies!
At the beginning, like curd cheese and raisins, we will be “stuck” in the dough and closed in the oven of Sechestraţi fără voie; then we will immerse ourselves in winter Când afară ninge, where snow like “mămăligă” will remind us to make a holiday cake cozonac. Like the heroes of Offstage, we’ll warm up at home with Romanian wine, just to get some whipping (cream) like an unfaithful fiancé during a crazy night in Tokoriki! While watching Ma cheam Costin we will be introduced to the captivating and addictive taste of Romanian pralines, and their taste will release hidden in Mam, tat, trebuie sâ vâ spun ceva… secrets. At the end we will serve tasty Pipa, sexul şi omleta, which will allow us to regenerate after such a hot night! Romanian cuisine is the most diverse of all Balkan countries – Romanian cinema is one of the best in the world!

Curator: Sabra Daici

Offstage, Andrei Huțuleac, 2017, 25’
Când afară ninge/When It’s Snowing Outside, Conrad Mericoffer, 2017, 12’
Sechestrați fără voie/Humans in Frame, Tudor Botezatu, 2017, 11’
A Night in Tokoriki, Roxana Stroe, 2016, 18’
Mâ cheamâ Costin, Radu Potcoavă, 2016, 14’
Pipa, sexul și omleta, Ana-Maria Comănescu, 2016, 22’
Mamâ, tatâ, trebuie sâ vâ spun ceva…, Paul Mureșan, 2017, 6’