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Slovakia: Expectations vs. Reality

Rozpoczęcie: 4 December 2019 18:00
Zakończenie: 4 December 2019 19:30

Slovakia: Expectations vs. Reality

Slovakia: Expectations vs. Reality

December 4, 18:00
High School No. 2 in Łomża, 3 Kościuszki Square, Łomża
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We promised love,
we promised to tell the truth only,
we promised to endure together,
we promised to ourselves a new day.
Anthem of the Velvet Revolution, Slovakia, 1989

What happened with Slovaks after the Velvet revolution?
Selection of Slovak shorts will guide you through the essence of 30 years of freedom, peace, capitalism, democracy and independency.
In 1989, Slovaks wanted love, truth and a new beginning. But what was/is the reality today? The current state of mind of the people is represented by nostalgia for socialism, pig heads, monsters, concrete and frustration.

Curators: Sasa Gabrizova, Imelda Selkova, Eva Pavlovicova

Ask at home 89, Barbora Berezňáková, 2019, 27’
The Gleam of Delicate Irony/Svit nežnej irónie, Kristián Grupač, 2019, 7’47”
Monster/Monštrum, Matej Snopek, 2018, 7’06”
Concrete Times/Betónová doba, Lucia Kašová, 2018, 19’34”
Pura Vida, Martin Gonda, 30’