4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

Spanish Film Breakfast

Rozpoczęcie: 10 December 2022 13:00
Zakończenie: 10 December 2022 14:30
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Spanish Film Breakfast

Hola! Together with our friends from the Gran Via Spanish language school, we continue our breakfast trips, combining content consumption of short films cinema and food.

Spanish Film Breakfast

10.12.2022, 13:00
Klub FAMA, ul. Legionowa 5
ticket: 12 zł – kasa Forum + https://bilety.bok.bialystok.pl/

This year we are returning to sunny Spain, but don’t expect a trip straight from a typical travel agency! The filmmakers will take you on an expedition following in the footsteps of cinema under the sign of Buñuel, Saura or Almodóvar, and show you what lies beneath the surface of this country bathed in sunshine!

Lola is a vegan and Aurelio is a hunter. They have lost their mother, whose body lies at the bottom of the sea, and since they can’t find her, they have to invent a ritual that will allow them to say goodbye to her and go on with their, very different, lives. Nadia moves to the heart of Spain to teach French. There she meets Fernando, her eccentric host, and an inconspicuous job offer will turn into a strange and disturbing experience. You will also meet monsters taken alive from Tolkien’s world: witches, ogres, orcs and wizards, experiencing very human problems: economic crisis, depopulation, addictions, mental problems or old age. You’ll see a comedic treatise on human stupidity and on whether the human race deserves a second chance. In the end you’ll learn that even in Spain’s sunny climate it’s not worth unearthing an UFO, especially if you’re a fisherman, your name is Paco and you live in a desolate village.
It promises to be an exciting show, and when you add tapas and wine, it could be the start of a truly beautiful day!

Space Frankie, David Valero, 2021, 18′
Homeless Home, Alberto Vázquez, 2020, 15′
Survivers, Carlos Gómez-Trigo, 2020, 6′
Au Pair, David Pérez Sañudo, 2021, 21′
Calor infinito, Joaquín León, 2021, 18′