2-6.12.2020 / Białystok

STUDENTS Competition Set I

Rozpoczęcie: 6 December 2019 16:15
Zakończenie: 6 December 2019 17:45
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

STUDENTS Competition Set I

STUDENTS Competition Set I

December 6, 16:15
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa St.

admission free

Screening schedule:
Na Krańcu Miasta, dir. Daria Kasperek, Poland 2019, 15’
Fascinatrix, dir. Justyna Mytnik, Poland 2018, 18′
Nauka Latania, dir. Klaudia Kęska, Poland 2019, 20’
Mój kraj, taki piękny, dir. Grzegorz Paprzycki, Poland 2019, 29’

Film details (81′, 16+):

director: Justyna Mytnik
director of photography: Maciej Twardowski
music: Paweł Lucewicz
Poland 2018, 18′

A musical about a vengeance filled run-away who disguises herself as a witch-hunter and goes to the Castle of the Inquisition…


Mój kraj, taki piękny / My Country So Beautiful
director: Grzegorz Paprzycki
director of photography: Aleksander Krzystyniak, Grzegorz Paprzycki
Poland 2019, 29′

A documentary portrayal of Poland torn by a conflict between two forces representing completely opposite worldviews. The liberal vision for the country versus the concept of a homogeneous Poland constructed by the extreme right. Within these ideologies there are people fighting for their values and principles. They are connected by one controversial topic – nationalism.


Na krańcu miasta / On the Edge of a Town
director: Daria Kasperek
director of photography: Michał Modlinger
music: Alex Raczyński
Poland 2019, 15′

The most important way is the one that leads further in – it’s the only way. From the edge of town we can reach places which we don’t see every day. There is a forest on the edge of town. To get to its hart it’s necessary to go through its darkest places.


Nauka latania / Learning to Fly
director: Klaudia Kęska
director of photography: Jan Barszczewski
music: Adam Brzozowski
Poland 2019, 20′

Sara is a professional, successful flight attendant. Her life is a picture of orderliness. There is one thing, however, that creates difficulties – establishing relationships. But the walls of her routine world will have to come down when she is forced to open up. A burglary at her home disturbs her natural rhythm and forces her to deal with other people. How hard will it be to find someone to help her on such short notice?