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Students Competition – Set II

Rozpoczęcie: 5 December 2019 20:30
Zakończenie: 5 December 2019 22:00
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Students Competition – Set II

STUDENTS Competition Set II

December 5, 20:30
Camera Cafe, 14/11 Lipowa St.

admission free

Screening schedule:
We mnie, reż. Maria Wider, Polska 2019, 23’
Krzyżówka, reż. Jan Bujnowski, Polska 2019, 15’
Am Himmel, reż. Magdalena Chmielewska, Austria, Polska 2018, 29’57”
Chrystus Narodu, reż. Ewa Drzewicka, Polska 2018, 9’10”
Strawberry boys, reż. Michał Toczek, Polska 2018, 20’

Film details (97′, 16+):

Chrystus Narodu / Christ of Nation
director: Ewa Drzewicka
Poland 2018

A no-holds-barred, fun-house mirror picture of Poland and the city of Cracow. A satirical portrayal of “real” patriot heroes, an unexplained plane crash and a city suffocated by smog. Political references are veiled through situational comedy. This animated film spares no one and is not afraid to deal with controversial topics. But it isn’t only about stirring things up. It’s also a reminder that we usually blame others for our own mistakes and shortcomings. It doesn’t matter if they’re aliens from space.


Krzyżówka / The Crossword
director: Jan Bujnowski
director of photography: Jan Bujnowski
music: Jan Bujnowski
Poland 2019

An old man is doing a crossword puzzle, coming across various words that make up the solutions. Some are easy, others more difficult but they always, in some way, seem to relate to events from his life. Can this seemingly simple puzzle become something more than just a way to kill time?


Na niebie / Am Himmel / Heaven’s Meadow
director: Magdalena Chmielewska
director of photography: Manuel Prett
Austria, Poland 2018

It’s night on the Heaven’s Meadow on the outskirts of Vienna. Injured and barefoot Maya runs to the city center back home. Next day she travels to Italy, to Daniel. In the hope there she will forget. And between distance and closeness she can find herself. Maya tries to suppress so that she does not have to remember. She lies, to escape the truth. Daniel knows about nothing what happened to her. What he knows is that this Maya is new to him. Maya wants to control her life again. But instead of it she is floating through the world like an unanchored island.


Strawberry boys
director: Michał Toczek
director of photography: Michał Toczek
Poland 2018

A bittersweet story about love, of growing up and trying to fulfill one’s dreams. In his everyday life nineteen-year-old Hubert helps his parents on their farm. But he dreams of a career as a disco-polo star…


We mnie / Within me
director: Maria Wider
director of photography: Miłosz Kasiura
Poland 2019

Sandra and Dawid intend to marry. However, before the wedding the young woman has to terminate a pregnancy because of the fetus’ genetic defects. These dramatic events put their future together in question.