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Students part II

Rozpoczęcie: 3 December 2015 16:30
Zakończenie: 3 December 2015 18:15
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe



dir./reż. Monika Majorek
cinematography/zdjęcia: Tomasz Ślesicki
music/muzyka: Tomasz Ślesicki
Poland/Polska 2015, 13’20”
contact/kontakt: annab@szkolafilmowa.pl

A story of a young woman who becomes an outcast to the community of her home town, when she comes into conflict with the local priest. Inka is convinced she is right, but is being right worth the lonely fight?


Keep going

dir./reż. Marta Chyła
Poland/Polska 2015, 4’30”
contact/kontakt: marta.chyla@gmail.com

A sentimental journey into the past – siblings visit the place where they used to live…


Mów do mnie
Talk to me

dir./reż. Marta Prus
cinematography/zdjęcia: Adam Suzin
Poland/Polska 2015, 45′
contact/kontakt: martaprus.film@gmail.com

The main character is a drug rehab patient. However, it is not another story about addiction but an honest tale about his relationship with the film director. It shows how life can permeate materiality of the film and put people in a difficult position. This is a story about a nascent feeling and responsibility for another person.


La Etiuda

dir./reż. Martin Rath
cinematography/zdjęcia: Yann Seweryn
music/muzyka: Thomas Briand
Poland/Polska 2015, 7′
contact/kontakt: martinrathmail@gmail.com

A prisoner murders his guard and tries to hide the body in the forest. A woman who accidentally witnesses the incident is chased by the murderer. She manages to kill her pursuer but it turns of it is hard to get rid of the body without any witnesses…



Atol św. Jakuba
St. Jacques Atol

dir./reż. Wacław Marat
cinematography/zdjęcia: Wacław Marat
Poland/Polska 2015, 3’09”
contact/kontakt: waclawmarat@gmail.com

Animated pseudo-documentary about an unknown atoll and its unique flora and fauna. The island is inhabited by a small, self-sufficient community, descendants of Austrian colonizers who fear that civilization will destroy their paradise land.


Dzień babci
Grandma’s Day

dir./reż. Miłosz Sakowski
cinematography/zdjęcia: Kacper Zieliński
Poland/Polska 2015, 30′
contact/kontakt: milosz.sakowski@gmail.com

Tomek swindles money from elderly people. One day he is exposed by an old lady who locks him in her apartment and wants to make a deal. The boy will get the money if he agrees to pretend her grandson during the meeting with a social worker.