7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Panel: Festival Jungle

Rozpoczęcie: 11 December 2016 14:00
Zakończenie: 11 December 2016 16:00
Kategoria: Lecture
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

The meeting of film festivals, film industry and filmmakers – parties that still have much to complain about, but also a lot to offer. What do festivals expect from filmmakers? What films are they looking for? What do filmmakers expect from festivals, do they have any ideas how to make the communication easier? We wish to invite artists and our guests from film industry to a casual discussion about festival activities, work of selectors, film submissions and festival strategies. We also give the artists a chance to meet the industry representatives and learn how particular short film festivals stand out from thousands of others. Last but not least, with a little help of Podlasian wild nature, we want to supply them with positive energy for the whole year!


Moderator: Krzysztof Szubzda