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WHOLE WIDE WORLD Competition set I

Rozpoczęcie: 6 December 2023 17:30
Zakończenie: 6 December 2023 19:15
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

WHOLE WIDE WORLD Competition set I

WHOLE WIDE WORLD Competition set I (102′, 16+)

6.12.2023, 17:30
Kino Forum, ul. Legionowa 5
admission free


director: Elizabeth Hobbs
music: Hutch Demouilpied
United Kingdom, 2022, 8’

A spirited young woman persuades a hyena from London Zoo to take her place at a dreaded dinner dance being held in her honour. Their plan requires a surprising amount of artistry and violence. Film is based on a short story written by the artist Leonora Carrington, who was presented at the court of King George V and herself became a debutante in 1936. Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates Carrington’s bold and funny story with ink, paint and collage, accompanied by a score by composer Hutch Demouilpied.

director: Leo Černic
director of photography: Leo Černic
music: Amos Cappuccio
Italy, 2022, 12’

Pentola is a small middle-aged man who leaves his wife Titti for Batman.

director: Atsushi Hirai
France, 2023, 21’31’

It is the last day of the year and night falls on the small town of Toyama, Japan. A man goes to the public bath to retrieve a forgotten object. But once inside, the promise of a hot bath compels him to stay.

director: Jonatan Schwenk
director of photography: Jonatan Schwenk
music: David Kamp
Germany, 2022, 4’25’’

Small shimmering animals are in heat. A two-legged forest dweller encounters the lustful group. He and his companions snack on the little creatures and soon a feast begins.

director: Douwe Dijkstra
director of photography: Douwe Dijkstra
music: Rob Peters
Netherlands, 2022, 29’

How can you understand a violent past? Somali-born Abdi is furniture designer and support worker. He reenacts his life, marked by war and criminality, with the help of his neighbour and filmmaker Douwe. Through playful reconstructions in a special effects studio, Abdi and Douwe embark on a candid and investigative journey through a painful history, focusing on the creative process throughout.

director: Nikolas Kouloglou
director of photography: Konstantinos Koukoulios
music: Karolos Berahas, Nick Athens
Greece, 2023, 20’

On their way to the supermarket, Penny and James meet again for the first time.

director: Nikita Diakur
directors of photography: Nikita Diakur, Gerhard Funk, María Anaya Alderete
music: David Kamp
Germany, 2022, 12’14’’

Park. Apartment. 6-core processor. My avatar learns a backflip.